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  • Be On Your Guards against Spam

    Every webmaster should be always be on their guards against one single menace of the worldwide web that is spam. You must make sure that your efforts drive traffic to your website does not turn towards something shady or something that will get you into trouble. If you want to enjoy online visibility, you must gain it through credible means. If you lose your online credibility, then no amount of traffic that land, your website is going to convert into sales. At times, we may not be engaging in any spammy approaches to drive traffic. If you hire some dubious SEO company, they might engage in shady practices to show traffic to your site and to please you can use methods that are not approved by the search engines.

    We do not need traffic for traffic sake, when traffic arrives at our website we would like them to be converted to sales. So traffic derived through spammy approaches will not fetch us the desired results.

    The next important point that is worth noting is website security. Make sure that your website is well secured and there are no security loops because spammers can hack your website and use your server to send out millions of spam mail. Then servers can block your site completely for engaging in such practices. Search engines too will penalize you for mistakes that you have not committed. It would rather be painful to be punished for something that you have not done. While you spend enough time and energy in promoting your website spend a certain percentage of your time and energy towards your website security as this is also directly linked to getting traffic to your website and your website’s online credibility.

    We often look for cheap hosting services and we succeed as well in getting online space for the price of dirt. If you are getting something like that, then it must make you think. When the entire market is selling the same space at a different price, how is someone able to offer you hosting at such a low price and make a profit out of it. The chances are that those servers are already marked for sending huge volumes of spam mails. So if you are going to host your website in such servers, then you will face problems in establishing your website as a credible site. Therefore, in an effort to be penny wise, don’t end up spending huge amount of money in setting right your website’s online reputation. If you happen to find out that the server that you are using is the problem, then you will be forced to move your website to a different server by spending a lot of money to migrate your website. Therefore, do it right the first time itself so that you can have a stable and reliable website and something your website visitors can visit without putting themselves to unnecessary risk.

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