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  • Avoiding Overlinking

    Can you link too much? really? Yes, you can. There is a very real danger to stuffing your sites with links. There are just a lot of negatives that pile up after a certain point.

    What IS too many links?

    It depends. If you own a well aged authority site and can get natural links from all over the web and continually add content then it’s almost impossible to over-link.

    However, if you are a new webmaster, your site isn’t an authority site, you’re not getting natural links and you only add content sporadically, trying to compensate for lack of traffic and/or content by building back-links can actually back-fire.

    If you target the wrong keywords, you may end up being too generic or competitive or non-targeted. You could also mess up on optimization, leaving you with low traffic. In the same way, improper linkbuilding could be hurting you.

    Search engines can be assumed to know how old your site is and how many links you have and how fast you are adding them. If you decide to start on a link building campaign to boost your site in the SERPS, an explosion may look dodgy to Google. The rapid acceleration or increase in backlinks will set off alarms and can cause sites to get sent to the sand-box.

    Ramp up your link building slowly; after all, it’s part of SEO, which is a long term strategy.

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