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  • Article Writing Formulae – Help or Hindrance?

    Do article writing formulas work? There is no easy answer – or right answer. It all really relies on how good your SEO copywriter is. There are at least seven different styles of article, and dozens of ‘optimization formulas’ to work with which are effective to varying degrees. For an experienced SEO copywriter, they can be a little tricky – for  novice they can be torture. There are some who claim keyword density is everything, while others are adamant that it is all about keyword placement. Others still, will insist until there dying breath it is all about the right keywords. What we believe is it has something to do with all of those ideas, but none of it means anything if it is not readable and relevant. Here are the common types of articles you will mostly deal with.

    How to articles are good for SEO because people search using the term ‘how to—’ and also because the articles at least infer direct step by step instruction. Provide a source or two for more info, or to other articles you’ve written on the topic. Doing this is a quick way to give you a reputation as an online expert in your field.

    People love lists, so think of top ten lists or best whatever lists or 20 ways to such and such lists. Start with a short introduction, do your list, and wrap up with a comment. Put the numerals in the title. Five, seven, ten and top twenty lists get the most searches so try to focus on those.

    Play devil’s advocate by setting up a premise – then demolish it in order to show your own, better way of approaching the question or problem at hand. Think along the lines of “Is waxing really better than shaving?” and then demonstrate why your side is superior after providing the meager positives of the side you oppose.

    You can answer questions with examples – such as ‘Should I Outsource My SEO Work? and inform your audience by telling a few short success stories then offer your help. Use stats to give your piece authority. Again, think like a person searching the web. What would they ask? Identify that and then answer it.

    Interview – Interview an expert for an article, and interject your own points you want to cover. You can style it as a traditional article with heavy use of quotes, or as a Q&A. These are less common than they used to be, but are highly effective despite the extra time they take.

    Keep up on fads and do quick Press Release style articles tying in relevant trends or news to your own topic or field. These have a chance of being picked up if you do a good job! SERPS love whatever is hot at the moment – exploit that to your own advantage. You can always play an angle if you look hard enough.

    Inform people about the ‘release’ of a new completed study or survey. You can base a whole article on the results of case studies, and then add an authority site to increase the credibility. These are both very search friendly and newsworthy which is a great combination to strive for.

    Whatever method you choose, make sure you use the right keywords. Be careful not to spam them out, and then write a solid piece of relevant content that is informative and engaging. That is the best formula for success there is!

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