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  • Article Writing and Submission

    quill penArticle Submissions Work!

    Article writing and submission is a quick easy way to build links and drive traffic. This writing and submission process can take considerable time, so you may wish to outsource it to a professional company with a reputation for well crafted content and high quality article submission services.

    Of course, if you want to do it yourself, there is a simple method to creating several articles per hour to submit to top rated article submission sites. Following this method will allow you or your firm to create articles for submission that are informative, unique and which are written in such a way as to be easily found and ranked by search engines.

    The first step to penning a successful article is to identify your target audience. What keywords are they likely to input in order to find what they  are looking for online? Knowing if you are working with middle class blue collar workers or stay at home moms from the wealthy sector will help you identify the probably keywords that will be used to look for a product or service like yours. Free online keyword analysis tools are available to help you generate keyword phrases to attract the best converting traffic.

    Once you have managed to generate a healthy list of relevant keywords and keyword phrases, it’s time to concentrate on grouping them into lists – usually one primary keyword/keyword phrase and two to four secondary keywords/keyword phrases will be sufficient for a 500-800 word article. Shorter articles may only require one primary keyword/keyword phrase and one to two secondary keywords/keyword phrases. The more keywords you have targeted, the more chances you have to appear in the SERPs.

    Find five ways to describe the content of your article using your group of keywords/keyword phrases to create possible ‘titles’. Choose one of the titles to use as your article title, and use the other four as subheadings. This will give you several different slants to use for each paragraph of your article.

    Now create your article, using SEO friendly article writing techniques. Your primary keyword/keyword phrase should be in your title and at least one of your subheadings. Your secondary keywords /keyword phrases should be in your other subheadings as well as fit into the article as naturally as possible. End with a sentence that repeats your primary keyword/keyword phrase.

    Once you article is finished, proof it, and create a short description of it as well as some text to lead readers back to your main website with a link. Then you are ready to submit your article to one or more article sites. You can use an article submission service if you don’t have time for this.

    Writing informative SEO content and using article submission as a way to build links and drive traffic is a tried and true technique that can yield lasting results, you can prepare and submit as many articles as you wish, and keep interest in your brand or company high by linking back to your site from the article site. In no time you will come to be viewed as an authority in your field.

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