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    There is a little mentioned way to generate attention for your site if you want to become known as the expert of experts in your field. This is to spend a little time searching for questions people ask, and becoming a authority by providing the best answers.

    Yahoo Answers and the LinkedIn answers area are places where people go to post questions, and if you can be Johnny on the spot with solid answers to FAQs, you could generate a lot of respect for yourself and traffic back to your site.

    For example, if you have a site offering services to troubleshoot common computer problems and bugs, you could make a name for yourself by providing a little bit of free advice on these social networks to as a kind of free advertisement of your services. If people are impressed, they might check out your site, and they will remember you when they run into a problem next time. Eventually they might become a customer.

    The points system offered by these programs is a way to built trust for yourself in the industry and get a lot of visibility. If you offer good advice that consistently gets voted as the most helpful, others will come to look upon you as the leading authority on the topic(s).

    This type of thing can be invaluable. You can even add a page or two on your website to boast about your status – make your FAQ page (which all websites should have anyway) read “Answers featured also on (insert name of site here)” and you can include an about the owner page that touts your experience on the ‘answers’ circuit.

    Blatant self promotion, sure, but it works! People will see your work, check it out elsewhere, and come away with a renewed respect for your knowledge which translated into trust in your skills.

    Of course, you have to manage your time, and the best way to do this is to check the frequent searches for common ‘how to’ questions and also anything starting with ‘is’ or ‘are’. If you can stay on top of the relevant questions asked, you can start to build a name for your site in your spare time.

    Make sure if you add a link that you do it at the end – you don’t want to look like a spammer. Provide relevant, detailed advice in a brief, friendly format. Too short answers are as bad as ones that are too long. If you really don’t have anything to offer, skip it. The goal is to consistently help people, and gain their trust.

    Another way to get trust built in your expertise and by extension your site is to write short articles for eHow, and related sites. If you make sure you SEO your content, you might even start seeing some of your articles ranking for your keywords!

    These are just a few ways to help boost you internet profile, and go hand in hand with becoming known in the social network communities by blogging on a professional level. Often there are blogs in your field that accept guest bloggers, so if you can land a spot like that it will only add to your visibility!

    People will always have questions. This is your opportunity to let them know you have the answers!

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