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  • Adsense Tips that Work

    We all want more ways to increase ROI for our AdSense campaign.

    Google Adsense is one of the most effective income generating program on the web. A staggering number of blogs and websites survive on income from Google Adsense. In fact, some websites are directly set up to profit from Adsense revenue.

    However, there is a clear protocol to follow in order to benefit from Adsense. You can literally use a scientific method for increasing adsense revenues by tweaking adsense units and ads. Just a few simple changes to your Adsense units can bring you anywhere between 10 % to 25 % increase in your CTRs (click through rates), giving you a big jump in Adsense revenues!

    Google has made available several series of videos for optimising Adsense . These have many good tips for increasing your ROI, and just a little time invested in tweaking your ad blocks can make a big difference.

    Among other things, Google recommends the following sizes for your Adsense blocks:

    – 300 x 250 medium rectangle.
    – 728 x 90 leaderboard
    – 160 x 600 skyscraper

    According to the Google Adsense team, adhering to these sizes has proven to deliver better results for publishers and advertisers alike. Advertisers are more accepting of these formats, and if you  support nearly all types of ad types, you’ll soon find that advertisers start specifically targeting your sites with more frequency.

    In addition, if you position your ad units properly, users will be more likely to see these ad formats and view ads  they are interested in.

    Google recommends the larger sizes, but if they are placed badlyon the page framework, the size becomes irrelevant. Putting them on the left rather than the right draws the eye, and nearer the top of the page is better. wrap text around them and they will be more visible.

    Use colors that blend well with your site, and try to make the ad blocks not so obviously ads. all of these tips will help your Adsense make money for you!

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