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  • 5 Wrong Strategies you are using for Content Marketing

    Several businesses today use Content Marketing as their main strategy in order to publicize and talk about their brand widely. It does not matter whether the business you are into is B2B or B2C; one takes the support of content marketing to let the audiences know about their services. Your business may also be into creating good yet informative content. However, it does not prove your strategies to be fool proof as here you compete for both, to be found and later to be read.

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    Usually, you take a step back with the fear of your strategies not working. Moreover, this fear does not even allow you to perform. These mistakes inversely impact the ability of the content created to be found, read and shared with several others.

    Keep in mind: If no individual can find or read your content; would creating it make a difference?

    Mentioned below is a list of few mistakes that might be holding back your content.

    1. Content isn’t reader-friendly
    Even if people will be getting to read your content for free, they should find each sentence worthy spending their time for. Content Marketing is a strategy that only works when the audiences feel like paying for the content they are reading. If content provides value, educates people and keeps them engaged; your work as a content marketer is done. However, one needs to be creative every single time they post something online.

    2. Not Allowing People To Share Your Articles
    Make your blogs and articles shareable. There are a lot of ways to achieve this. A few are given below:
    • Relevant infographics should be included in order to promote your content in a creative way.
    • Take the advantage of social sharing buttons that make sharing posts easier.
    • Create graphics that help your promote your title in an effective way.

    3. Mistakes in Grammar, Spellings and Language
    Occasional typo is excusable on the internet. However, if your frequent readers realize that poor language, spelling and grammar is a part of your content always, they would not want to work with you. Whether you are an excellent writer or not, have one more set of eyes review your content.

    4. No rapport with the readers
    There is a huge difference in the kind of article you find interesting and the kind of article that brings you closer to your target audience. Make sure you know the difference between relevant, niche content and an eye-catchy content.

    With the right style of writing, you can serve a niche content as something which can people can easily relate to.

    5. Including too much SEO
    Several content marketers make the mistake of using repetitive or too many keywords in an article. However, if your article is informative and relevant to your target audience, keywords are not even required.

    Always remember to focus your attention on the several primary areas where your audiences search of relevant content. Spend your efforts on the platforms that you think your audiences will be on and do not waste your time on places not required.

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    Govind Agarwal is a Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing Expert at SubmitEdgeseo, with over 6 years experience in the Web Marketing Techniques.

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