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  • 5 Useful tips to Safeguard your Online Reputation

    Painstakingly you build up the reputation of your business and all it takes is just one negative comment to bring it crashing down. Often, businesses wait till some negative publicity crops up and then take efforts to mend it. But why let things come to that! Put in remedial efforts so that negativity will not spread in the first place. Reputation once lost cannot be salvaged easily, so you cannot afford to go slack on your reputation management strategies.

    5 Useful tips to Safeguard your Online Reputation

    Let us look at some tips to safeguard your online reputation:

    • Build a non-penetrative shield of credibility for your business such that no negative comment will be able to harm it. Credible and relevant information about your business should top any searches made; so that no negative comment will ever surface. And if you have worked on the goodwill of your customers, then they will never believe any negative comment, even if it arises; such should be the trust and credibility that you create for your business.

    • Unfortunately, despite all precautions taken by you, if some negative comment is circulating, then what should be your approach? Never ignore the comment and think it will disappear just like it appeared. The best way is to approach it head-on. If it is an unsatisfied customer, then look into the grievance and take remedial actions to rectify the problem. Never treat it as a pointless exercise as it will only help you in building up your reputation. Instead of taking the feedback negatively, consider it as a scope for improvement.

    • With the social media gaining precedence, there is no control over people’s coments. Keep a constant watch over what people can see when they search for your business. That will help you monitor any negative feedback that shows up against your business. Use the social media to your advantage as you can reach out to a larger audience and maintain a clean image of your business and work on its brand-building.

    • Leave the customer with a feeling that they are being served. Be in constant communication with your clients, so that they know that you are serious about your business and value customer satisfaction. A prompt response from your end will work in your favor as the clients will feel served. If there has been any lapse on your side, be ready to accept it as that will work in your favor, than a denial. Even if you cannot solve their problem immediately, the very point that you have noted it and are willing to look into it will surely appease the customers.

    • Convey to your customers through your actions that you don’t just say it; you actually mean it and will deliver what you promise. You can put up testimonials of your satisfied customers to boost the trust factor for your business. Endorsements and case studies of earlier clients will help build up credibility for your product and services.

    Patience and persistence will alone help you gain online reputation for your business. So keep working at it and do not give up…

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