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  • 5 Myths of Content Marketing

    Content marketing has emerged as a vital component in the field of search engine optimization. Businesses are now concentrating on creating quality content that is engaging, useful and easy to read for potential customers. However, as vast as the field of content marketing is, many people harbor a multitude of misconceptions regarding the practices surrounding content marketing. Several people assume various aspects of this type of marketing only to realize that their search engine ranking has taken a beating. Following are the few myths about content marketing that you should be acutely aware of:

    5 Myths of Content Marketing

    1. More content equals higher search engine traffic

    Many bloggers and site owners choose to concentrate on quantity rather than quality, reckoning that quantity equals higher traffic. However, generating quality content is what will capture a visitor’s attention rather than mediocre content that runs into numerous pages.Figure out how to create quality content before trying to generate quantity and you will see visitor numbers soar.

    2. Content marketing is the same as SEO

    While a major part of content marketing deals with SEO, it is not the same. SEO is far-reaching and includes generating backlinks, using the right keywords, using suitable tags, improving page speed, using social media sites and much more; whereas, content marketing concentrates only on the content of the site. While SEO should be kept in mind while creating content it should never override the quality of the text.

    3. Strategies for marketing content for B2B and B2C are similar

    Most site owners and novice bloggers believe that content marketing strategies are the same while producing content for business clients and consumers. However, there is a distinct difference between the two. While business clients expect informative, dry, crisp and technical articles, consumers expect more visually enriching content rife with emotions. Trends can be explored while writing for consumers, while business clients need ‘How to’ and ‘tips’ that are useful. Consumers like easy to read text that is enriched with videos, images or podcasts. Giving customers dry content will bore them, while providing short and emotional content to business clients will spell disaster in terms of website traffic.

    4. The longer the content, the higher will be the traffic

    A hundred word blog with rich, meaningful content will actually procure more search engine traffic than a long, five hundred word text that is dull and irrelevant. Longer content actually makes it taxing for consumers to read till the end. Most want a crisp, well-written and coherently written article or blog. As attention spans are declining, it is essential to captivate potential customers with short content rather than use one that is more than a thousand words. Besides text, you can use high quality images, videos, podcasts and other tools to garner higher search engine traffic.

    5. Content marketing is only successful if it generates sales

    While sales is the ultimate goal of all marketing efforts, some, such as content marketing, cannot be monetized. Such type of marketing helps you gain a significant amount of exposure; enhance brand loyalty by making conversations and to strengthen your brand’s image in the long-run.
    Engage in content marketing efforts the right way instead of landing yourself in a soup.

One thought on “5 Myths of Content Marketing”

  1. Zotabox says:

    Well said Govind. It usually comes back to good quality content that will be redistributed. A poor quality article may get 20% read, while a well written and researched article may get shared and 80% read leading to more respect from your followers and higher sales from a respected ‘brand leader’.

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