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  • 10 Steps to SEOing Your Facebook Page

    SEO isn’t just for your website – you should be using it for everything online. Your  Facebook should use SEO to  attract new customers and engage existing customers. Knowing how to optimize your Facebook page will allow you to synch it with your other marketing efforts and provide customers with a valuable online resource. Use these ten steps to SEO your own Facebook business page.

    1. Target your Audience. Just like your website, you should have a clear idea of who you are trying to reach. Therefore, take the time to pinpoint your target customer and to research their shopping habits. Once you have identified your target demographic,  you can begin to create a marketing strategy.

    2. Create your Business Page: You can use programs like Pagemodo and North Social to help you design your custom facebook Page, Make sure your Facebook design accurately reflects your business model and works to help promote brand recognition and will engage your target audience.

    3. Add a Landing Page: A custom landing page that overlays your Facebook business page is a great way to increase Likes,  and can also create multiple opportunities to intrigue your customers with teasers that make them want to learn more. You can also utilize this page to showcase a call to action, highlight current promotions or new products, and to encourage people to hit the Like button so they can access special offers.

     4. Create goals: You should have daily, weekly, and monthly goals for your Facebook activity.  A daily goal of creating and posting three Facebook items for your page is a good start; you can use industry news, an image begging for a caption, or an announcement of an upcoming event.  Don’t forget to use your keywords in posts!

    5. Add page administrators: Your Facebook page maintenance does not have to be run by one person. If you have several employees or a team – get them involved – just make sure you trust your admins as anyone who is an admin can remove all other admins!

    6. Create a places page: For small businesses with a physical location, use the “Check-In” feature to claim its “Places Page.” Your customers will love “checking-in” on their mobile devices, and this action will automatically post to Facebook, providing free advertising!

    7. Use a content calendar: A simple content calendar can  streamline post activity on your business page. Plan out your posts and space them to hit the most people possible, staggering intervals throughout the day to increase the chances of your post being seen, liked, and shared. Vary your post type to include video, links, and polls – and consider themes and asking people to participate by posting their favorite memes.

    8. Email your existing customers: Once your business page is up and running, send an email to your customers. Tell them that liking your page will give them access to special events, promotions, and insider tips and tricks! They’ll fall over themselves liking and following you to gain access to exclusive members only deals.

    9. Promote your business page: A fantastic Facebook business page that isn’t promoted  is useless. Add your Facebook links to email signatures, put like buttons on your web-site pages, and create in-store displays to market your page IRL.

    10. Track your success:  Facebook business pages are now equipped with an analytics feature called Insights. Insights is viewable by page administrators only, and can help track fan engagement and  success.

    11. Customer Service: A Facebook business page can be a incoming service request line, so stay on top of things and don’t fall down on the job! Respond to all customer comments quickly with a positive professional tone.

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