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Increase your web presence by creating a Squidoo Lens for your website.


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submitedgeseo brings its vast experience in SEO and link building industry to its Squidoo Lens Creation Service. We use the most search engine friendly methods and in particular Google friendly techniques in creating your Squidoo Lenses. You will receive the most professional Squidoo Lenses that will help you enhance your online presence easily. We have a highly experienced team of in-house Squidoo lens creation experts to create impressive Squidoo lenses for your business. submitedgeseo offers a comprehensive range of Squidoo lens creation services.

What is Squidoo Lens?

Squidoo Lens refers to the individual pages that are created by the users in, which is a content sharing community website. allows users to share their passion with the rest of the online community. With this medium, users can freely create and publish any content of their choice and preference, except for certain restricted niche content. Niche topics such as gambling and escort services are barred from being created or published for the purpose of sharing on this content community platform. These pages can be considered as micro websites with single pages. Each page will, however contain multiple sections, which can be created using inbuilt modules available at This website allows only good quality content to be published on their website. Every Squidoo Lens submitted is scrutinized closely based on strict quality guidelines. Squidoo is a very user-friendly platform and the users will be able to create their Squidoo Lenses by making few simple clicks.

Why Squidoo?

There are so many link building or search engine marketing strategies and you might wonder why one would want to spend time on Squidoo lens creation. However, Squidoo lens creation brings about numerous benefits to the webmasters, which make the strategy one of the most powerful strategies for promoting your website. One of the most important benefits that make hundreds of websites go for Squidoo lens creation is Squidoo lenses get indexed fast and they gain PR pretty fast in Google whereas it takes a long time for a website to get indexed in Google. In other words, you will be able to reach your target audience much faster when you use Squidoo marketing when compared to driving organic traffic to your website. This does not mean that Squidoo lenses should be considered an alternative to organic traffic, but it is certainly one of the mainstream marketing strategies for promoting your brand online.

Squidoo lenses should not be compared to article marketing in any way like most people do. Squidoo lens creation and promotion is a much advanced ranking strategy. Added to that, you can also sell directly through your Squidoo lenses. For example, if you are an eBay merchant or an affiliate marketer, you can promote your products and service directly at, which attracts thousands of visitors every day. Get in touch with us for the best Squidoo lens creation service at the most reasonable price.

 What we provide:

  • Process :-

    We will signup for a new account at and create up to six inbuilt modules. We will also create the article required for your Squidoo lens.

  • Provide Video link :-

    Provision of video link will make it easier for viewers to browse and access videos even via a mobile device. The video link can help you understand the source and size of a video file.

  • Facebook fan page :-

    The link to Facebook fan page would act as an entry to the most favorite interactive medium existing on the internet space..

  • Twitter link :-

    Twitter link will enhance interaction amongst users of the platform. It will provide you with the source of the tweet, which also can be accessed through mobile devices.

  • Images related to the website :-

    The images render visual appeal to the website. It is a vital part of unique content which would enhance the relevance of information provided in your website.

  • Publish banner image :-

    Publishing banner image plays an important role in creating brand awareness. It will help your prospects and target groups identify with your banner..

  • Photo gallery :-

    A photo gallery is a systematic depiction of all your ongoing business. It would include all the products and services offered by your organization.

  • Social Bookmarking for promotion :-

    Social Bookmarking is an online method of promoting your assortment of WebPages. It allows members to store links and share them with others web users. .

  Squidoo Lens Creation Package

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Package Name Total no. of Bookmarking Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
SLC 125 7
1 $125  
*SLC : Squidoo Lense Creation

 Benefits / Features of Squidoo Lens

  • You can promote your products and services through Squidoo Lenses.

  • You will be able to gain quick online visibility using Squidoo Lenses because is a high traffic network.

  • allows you to share your passions online through single page user created websites.

  • is considered an authority site and you can get backlinks to your website through

  • You also make extra money using Squidoo, which is one of the most highly visited websites with good search engine rankings.

  • Using Squidoo lenses, you can increase your sales besides enhancing your online visibility. However, how much you make or the revenue that you generate will depend very much on your niche.

  • Your website traffic will improve fast.

  • The most comprehensive Squidoo lens creation service, you will ever find online with proper modules, images and impressive structure.

  • All your Squidoo lenses will be pinged in order to get the lenses indexed faster by the search engines.


  • 1. Will your Squidoo Lens creation service be useful for my niche industry?

    Yes, absolutely. Our Squidoo lens creation is equally effective for all niche industries except for few niches restricted by (Link gambling, Escort, etc.)

  • 2. Is Squidoo Lens creation a link building strategy?

    Our Squidoo Lens Creation service is an advanced search engine marketing strategy. You will be able to boost your website's link popularity using this strategy.

  • 3. Is your Squidoo Lens creation service a Google friendly approach?

    Yes, of course, our Squidoo lens creation service is a Google friendly approach to promoting your website online.

  • 4. Do you provide the articles for my Squidoo lens or should I provide you with the article?

    Yes, we offer highly comprehensive Squidoo lens creation service. We will provide you with the required articles to be published in your Squidoo lens. The package includes article writing.

  • 5. Do you also promote my Squidoo Lenses?

    Yes, we do not stop with the creation of your Squidoo lenses but we also promote your Squidoo lenses in the social bookmarking sites.

  • 6. Will you send me a report once you complete the service?

    Yes, we will send you a detailed report at the completion of the service.

  • 7. Can I use your Squidoo lens creation service to promote affiliate links?

    Yes, you can make use of our Squidoo lens creation service to promote affiliate links. .