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What Is Local SEO Service?

Do you sell products or offer services that require your customers to come to your business establishment to obtain your service or visit your retail outlet to purchase your products? If yes, then it is important that your website enjoys good ranking for local searches or for internet searches that use your City name, State name or your Country name in the search term. Local SEO Service from SubmitEdgeSEO.com will optimize your website to get better ranking for such local searches.

For example, if a user is searching for hotels using the following search term, “top hotels houston texas”, and if you are a hotel in this location, then your website should be listed in the search results so that this user can find your business online, visit your website and make a booking. Local SEO will tell the search engines by giving them adequate clues that you are a hotel establishment in Houston, Texas and therefore your website is highly relevant for this particular user's search so that the search engine is coaxed to list your business.

The ultimate aim of Local SEO is to make your website easily accessible to local customers that are searching for your products or services. SubmitEdgeSEO.com will help customers that are looking for local businesses find your company easily.

Local SEO Service Packages
Local Seo Package LSS-1 LSS-2 LSS-3
Main Keywords 5 15 30
Analysis & Reporting
Local Business Setup
On Page Optimization Home + 1 Inner Page Home + 3 Inner Pages Home + 6 Inner Pages
Local Business Promotion
Analytics And Reporting
Local Business Setup
About Company - Create & Optimize
Google + Listing
Google Map Listing
Additional Business Sites &
Yellow Pages
Local Web Promotion
Yellow pages listing
Social Bookmarking
Local Classified Submission
Content Writing [We will create the content and send it to you for approval.]
PR Writing & Distribution 10 30 60
Web 2.0 Properties 5 15 30
Article Submission 5 15 30
Image and video sharing 2 6 12
Q/A Postings
Yelp - Local optimization
CitySearch - Local optimization
Blog post and sharing on social sites
Positive Review & Rating Submissions
Analytics And Reporting
Monthly Project Report
Ranking Report
Duration 1 month 3 month 6 month
Price $249 $549 $999

What Are The Benefits Of Local SEO Service?

  • Local SEO will improve your brand visibility among the local customers.
  • Your brand popularity will be boosted in your own City, State and Country.
  • There will be a marked increase in the footfalls to your retail outlet or your office.
  • As most customers use the internet to find local businesses to purchase a product or service in the last minute, these customers are highly prospective. This segment of internet users have very high conversion rate. Our local SEO service will help you tap the potential of this segment of customers.
  • You will be able to outsmart your competition in the local searches, drive more traffic to your website and subsequently attract customers to your business outlet.
  • Increases brand familiarity and helps you build trust among the local customers that matter the most for your business.
  • As far as online competition is concerned, any website or brand that shares the same set of keywords happens to be your competition online even though they are not really a competition to your local business. This simply means that your website is forced to fight with "unnecessary" competition. Local SEO saves your website from having to fight with such unnecessary competition and thereby helping your website get listed for the right searches.
  • You can choose to narrow down the competition or target your visitors by Country, State, City and even your Street.
  • Is Local SEO Important For My Business?
  • I target global market, is Local SEO still important for my website?

    Even if you are targeting global market, how can you expect to impress the international market if you are not popular in your own City or State? Even businesses that target global customers will therefore benefit from our Local SEO service.

  • How long will it take for my website to enjoy the benefits of your Local SEO service?
  • Does your company use ethical SEO techniques?
  • Do you make use of Google Penguin and Google Panda compatible strategies?
  • How much does your service cost?
  • Do you send any reports on this service?
  • How Do I Setup this service?

Key Features

  • Improves your visibility in all the leading search engines for local searches.
  • Increases footfalls to your business establishment.
  • Best value for your money.
  • Use of 100% ethical SEO techniques.
  • No time is wasted; only proven SEO techniques are used.
  • The most economically priced Local SEO service.
  • Highly dependable customer support.
  • The fastest turnaround time for the completion of the order.
  • Completely Google Penguin and Google Panda compatible Local SEO solution.