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What is Link Orbit™ service?

Looking for a link building strategy that will make all your website ranking dreams come true? Our Link Orbit™ service is designed specifically to meet this goal. Our Link Orbit™ service is a completely content based link building strategy. You will be able to improve your Google ranking using our Link Orbit™ service. As Google is now becoming an increasingly content oriented search engine, SEO professionals at SubmitEdgeseo have come up with this exciting new strategy to build high quality back links for your website.

Two major components of this most powerful strategy are,
1) Unique content &
2) SEO Friendly Backlinks.

Our Link Orbit™ service will make use of all the top Web properties including niche blogs, article directories, web 2.0 sites, classifieds sites and more. We will create unique content to populate these Web properties and all the content we create will be relevant to your niche and to your website. Content published in the Web properties will be promoted in social bookmarking sites and in web directories though permanent directory listing. Link Orbit™ service from SubmitEdgeseo is all set to overtake all the other link building strategies in the SEO industry in terms of the effectiveness of the strategy and also in terms of the search engine friendliness of the strategy. This is a natural link building strategy and hence Google will boost your website's ranking in the search results. SubmitEdgeseo Link Orbit™ service can be used to promote home pages as well as to promote the inner pages. Your website will now be able to get highly stable quality back links from top content networks. Link orbit™ was conceptualized by SubmitEdgeseo and no other service provider offers this service.

Why Link Orbit™ Service?

As the challenges on online site promotion continues to get tougher each day you will have to make sure that your website is fully equipped to fight the unprecedented competition. Though there are many time-tested link building strategies, everyone is required to do something different and something better than the rest of the crowd to tackle the increasing online competition effectively. It is not enough to go with the crowd and that is why we bring you this new approach to link building, and this link building service will indeed be a decisive factor that will make your website one cut above the rest of the competition.

Search engines will certainly give your website the required boost in the search results as your website will now get good quality back links built in a very natural fashion using this link building service. Though there are many strategies today that can get you high quality back links what needs to be questioned is whether all high quality back links are weighed equally by top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The answer of course is 'no', search engines do not value all the back links equally. Our Link Orbit™ service will secure highest standard back links and make search engines notice your website. By bolstering your website's link popularity using our Link Orbit™ service will increase the overall effectiveness of your search engine marketing efforts. It is highly worthwhile to invest your time and money on our Link Orbit™ service because you will be able to notice the difference easily within a short time when the links we build using this strategy start getting indexed in Google. This service is indeed an extraordinary way to boost your website's ranking, a strategy that will help you out do your competitors and their link popularity services.

Graphical Representation of Link Orbit™ Plan

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Understanding How Link Orbit™ Works

Link Orbit is like our orbit. There are 9 planets which inter connected with each other. Here, the Web 2.0 properties are performing like individual planet.

How web 2.0 properties link with each other.

Here is the example:

  • Web 2.0 Site 9 links to Site 8 and back to the ""
  • Web 2.0 Site 8 links to Site 7 and back to the ""
  • Web 2.0 Site 7 links to Site 6 and back to the ""
  • Web 2.0 Site 6 links to Niche Blog Review and back to the ""
  • Niche Blog Site links to site 4 and back to the ""
  • Web 2.0 Site 3 links to Site 2 and back to the ""
  • Web 2.0 Site 2 links to Site 1 and back to the ""
  • Web 2.0 Site 1 links to "Customer Website"

The second curve covers the Article sites and Classifieds website. Article sites are also interconnected with each other and both the sites link to one high quality niche blog review website which is directly connected with center of Web 2.0 linking structure.

For example
  • Article Site 1 links to Site 2 and back to the ""
  • Article Site 2 links to Niche Blog and back to the ""

Classifieds Sites:

Classifieds sites are directly linked to your website. It has high value for generating online presence. You will get links from unique Web properties.

How Is Link Orbit™ Service Different From The Other Link Building Strategies?

You might have used numerous SEO link building services and noticed varied levels of effectiveness in the strategies you have used. When you choose our Link Orbit™ service be rest assured that you are making a very wise move towards improving your website's search engine ranking. As this is a fairly new strategy developed and executed by SubmitEdgeseo in the most search engine friendly way, search engines like Google will not suspect any manipulative moves. Top search engines are making their ranking algorithms stricter to ensure that no manipulative strategies are promoted. When you use this service to promote your website, you can be 100% sure of getting excellent boost in the search results.

This method concentrates on building links using unique content which is one of the most powerful ways especially now because all the search engines are shifting their attention to content from the other ranking assessing parameters. In this regard this content based strategy differs from the other strategies. Our link building company always strives hard to give customers the best value for their money and this strategy is yet another way of helping you get the best results in Google at a very reasonable price. This strategy pleases the search engines in a number of ways. The links are not only natural link but they are also contextual links. So there are many compelling reasons why you should choose this strategy to build your back links. You can boost your website's ranking as well as search engine ranking greatly using this reliable strategy.

 Key Features

  • 100% natural link building strategy

  • 100% content based link building strategy

  • Unique and niche relevant content created by experienced SEO Content writers

  • Free social bookmarking with each package for effective promotion of each landing page.

  • Free premium directory listings with every package

  • High quality back links

  • Improved online visibility

  • Professional link building solution

  • Most competitively priced packages

  • Reliable customer support


  • 1.How will Link Orbit™ service help my website?
    A. Your website's search engine ranking will improve greatly as you will get high quality back links from our Link Orbit™ service.

  • 2. Will the links I get be high quality back links?
    A. Yes, all the links you get will be high quality back links and you will not have to exchange links with any third party websites or networks.

  • 3. Is this a natural link building strategy?
    A. Yes, this is a natural link building strategy as it mimics the natural link growth pattern. Google will boost your websites ranking in the search results when you have good quality natural links pointing to your website.

  • 4. Is this a search engine friendly approach?
    A. Yes, our professionals will execute your orders in the most search engine friendly manner.

  • 5. What Web properties you use?
    A. We will use all the top Web properties including but not limited niche blogs, article directories, web 2.0 sites, classifieds sites, etc.

  • 6. Who will create the content required for my Link Orbit™ package?
    A. We have a highly experienced team of SEO Content writers that will create excellent quality content for your package.

  • 7. Will the content created be unique and free from plagiarism?
    A. Absolutely, our writers will create content that is 100% free from plagiarism and it will be unique as the content will be created to suit your niche and keyword requirements after careful research.

  • 8. Will you submit the content manually to the Web properties?
    A. Yes, the content will be submitted to the Web properties manually. We do not use any auto submission tools.

  • 9. How much does your Link Orbit™ service cost?
    A. We charge very nominal fee for our Link Orbit™ service. Our costs depend on the package you choose. Please review the Link Orbit™ service packages for pricing.

  • 10. Do you charge any additional fee for social bookmarking and premium directory listing in this service?
    A. No we do not charge any additional fee for these features. The total number of social bookmarks and the premium directory listings will depend on the package you choose. Please refer package details for more information.

  • 11. Will you give me any report for upon completion of the service?
    A. Yes, we will give you an elaborate report at the completion of the service to help you understand the amount of work that has gone into the Link Orbit™ package you have chosen.

 Link Orbit™ Packages

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Package Name Content Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
6600 Words 20
1 $375  
LO-2 13100 Words 30
2 $699  
LO-3 19600 Words 40
3 $999  
*LOS :Link Orbit™ service