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Google Indexing

Are you indexed on Google yet?

Does the question of how to get indexed on Google keep bothering you?

 What we don't do for Google Indexing?

  • We don't submit it to Google's add url page (

  • We don't simply create a link by using adwords.

  • We don't spam or try to trick Google (no one can).

  • We don't modify the content of your site.

What we do is proper SEO of your site, ensuring that it will get indexed fast. We have a 96% success rate. We've indexed some brand new sites (2 to 5 days old) in only 7 days.

The only reasons why your site may not get indexed are because the site has been banned by Google or it's in a sandbox.

The SubmitEdge Team will give 100% to make sure that your site gets indexed in 10 days or we will give you a full refund.

  Seo Friendly Google Indexing

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Package Name No. of URL Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
GGI 1 10
0 $15  
*GI : Google Indexing