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DMOZ is the most respected online directory. All major search engines like Google , Yahoo, and Bing give a lot of importance to websites having links from DMOZ. Inclusion in DMOZ can dramatically increase your website ranking and online visibility.

Thousands of sites get submitted to DMOZ every day but only a few get approved. The reason why most sites don't get approved on DMOZ's submission guidelines. Some of the critical aspects of DMOZ submission are choosing the right category, title and description.

SubmitEdgeseo is specialised in DMOZ submission and has helped many clients to get their sites listed in DMOZ.

 What we do for Dmoz Submission?

  • We research categories for your website.

  • We research and create titles for your website that are consistent with DMOZ guidelines.

  • We research and create a description for your website that follows DMOZ Guideline.

  • We give you a screen shot of the submission done; click here to see a sample.

Please note this does not assure inclusion in DMOZ, although following all DMOZ guidelines will increase your chances of inclusion.

  Dmoz Listing Package

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Package Name Total no. of Submission Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
DMOZ 1 7
DMOZ Listing