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Contextual Link Building to Dominate your Search Engine Ranking

For websites that are fighting very stiff competition, link building efforts should be very rigorous to outdo the competition. Contextual links are highly helpful in boosting your website's ranking in the top search engines. SubmitEdgeseo is here to help you with highly effective contextual link building services. SubmitEdgeseo with its vast experience in offering link building services to thousands of websites will be able to procure the highest quality contextual links for your website. You do not have to look any further than SubmitEdgeseo for all your contextual link building needs. SubmitEdgeseo uses only legitimate link building strategies to acquire your links.

We have various contextual link building packages for your website. You can choose from any of the three well thought out contextual link building packages: CLB1, CLB2 or CLB3.

 Features Of Our Contextual Link Building Service :

  • With our contextual link building service you will be able to get one-way links.

  • All the links will be obtained from dofollow pages and hence they will boost your website's ranking in the search results page.

  • All the links are 100% natural links and no links from link farms or from link directories.

  • You will get your links from web pages with contextual content.

  • Packages include submissions to article sites, niche blogs, Web 2.0 websites, Squidoo lens as well as Tumblr.

  • Contextual link building service includes 250 words article for Article sites, niche blog review and web 2.0 properties. For the Squidoo lens and Tumblr creation, articles with 500 words will be submitted.

  • Highly experienced SEO writers will be engaged in writing highest quality articles that are keyword rich.

  • Each article will include two to three links.

  • We will submit only to websites with good popularity.

  • All the links obtained will be approved links and will not require any further subscriptions or renewal payments.

  • Your contextual link building package will include 5 high PR social bookmarking of each landing page.

  • We use Unique C Class IPs to submit the articles for additional safety.

  • You can also include avatar images, YouTube videos in your content.

  • We accept websites from all niches except for gambling and porn sites.

  • You will get free detailed report after the completion of the contextual link building.

  • You can build even deep links for your website using our contextual link building service.

  • We are the cheapest contextual link building service in the market to give maximum value for your money.

  • Unmatched customer service in the industry. You will be able to contact us easily through phone, email as well as through website online support. We will address all your content promptly.

  • All the links obtained will be permanent links and will not require any further subscriptions or renewal payments.

 How It Works :

  • Today contextual link building is becoming increasingly popular because of its effectiveness in boosting the search engine ranking of websites.

  • This is how SubmitEdgeseo contextual link building service works to promote your website’s search engine rankings:

  • When you place your order you will be submitting your website’s URL and the keywords. Upon receiving your order our contextual link building team will review your requirements, your keywords and the package that you have chosen. We will review your website and establish your website’s niche. This is the crucial step in contextual link building service.

  • As step two we will list the websites from which you will get your links. This list will include niche blogs, article sites, Web 2.0 websites and more.

  • The next step is to create content that is relevant to your website. We will create short articles with 250 words each for niche blogs submissions, article sites and for Web 2.0 pages. We also create Tumblr with 250 words and Squidoo lens for these pages we will create 750 words articles. All the articles will be 100% original. They will not be copied from other sources or plagiarized. You can be sure of getting the highest quality articles written by expert SEO writers.

  • After the creation of the articles, they will be submitted to the respective websites along with the links to your website. All the submissions will be made manually and in a highly search engine friendly way. You are therefore in the safe hands. You will not have to worry about your website’s reputation in any way. We will embed two to three links in each article. You can choose any URL for link building, it can be the home page or the inner pages for deep link building.

  • The specialty of contextual link building is that you will get links from pages with lot of niche relevant content. Search engines value such links highly and your website’s ranking will be boosted fast in the top search engines for the targeted keywords.

  • After the submission of all the articles depending on the package chosen, we will provide you with a detailed report.

  • Contextual link building is becoming more and more relevant today as search engine algorithms get increasingly sophisticated. Not all the links bear the same weight today. The benefit you get from the links will depend on the nature of the linking websites, its popularity and its relevance to your website. So by providing you with links from web pages with contextual content we help you improve your website’s ranking in the top search engines. Your website’s visibility will be improved within a short time.

  • When compared to the regular link building strategies, contextual link building will help you get the desired results faster. Moreover, the links built through this method will be more natural links. Search engines require website owners to build their links in a natural fashion by providing useful content to the internet users. You will be able to therefore get the top links for your website through our contextual link building strategy.


  • 1. What are the benefits of SubmitEdgeseo contextual link building services?
    A. SubmitEdgeseo contextual link building services will help you get search engine friendly, long lasting links for your website’s home page as well as for the inner pages of your website.

  • 2. Which types of websites can benefit from SubmitEdgeseo contextual link building service?
    A.All types of websites will be able to benefit from contextual link building service:
    • Brand new websites
    • Well established websites
    • Websites from all niches
    • Websites that have highly competitive keywords

  • 3. What does SubmitEdgeseo contextual link building include?
    A. SubmitEdgeseo contextual link building includes creation of niche relevant content and submission of keyword rich content created to top websites that are niche relevant. This also includes Squidoo lens creation as well as Tumblr creation.

  • 4. To what websites will the articles be submitted?
    A. Articles will be submitted to top niche relevant websites which include:
    • Niche relevant blogs
    • Article directories
    • Web 2.0 properties
    • Tumblr
    • Squidoo lens

  • 5. Who will create the content for the submissions?
    A. Highly experienced SEO writers from SubmitEdgeseo will create the content.

  • 6. Will the content created be original and non-plagiarized content?
    A. Absolutely, all the content created will be original content and they will not be copied from any other website.

  • 7. Will the submissions be manually done or automated submission tools used?
    A. All the submissions are done manually in the most search engine friendly manner. You have no reason to worry about the nature of the submissions done.

  • 8. How to verify the work done towards the contextual link building package ordered?
    A. At the completion of the service, we will provide you with a detailed report on the submissions made and you will be able to cross check all the submissions made

  • 9. Is there any need to renew the links or pay for them at a later stage?
    A. Absolutely no, all the links obtained are approved links and you will not have to renew them or pay to retain your links. You just need to pay for your links just once and that’s it.

  • 10. How to get in touch with your customer support?
    A. SubmitEdgeseo offers unmatched customer service in this industry. You will be able to reach our customer service easily without any problem. You can reach us through phone, email and also through online live chat support.

Make the best use of our contextual link building service. We are highly dedicated to our customer satisfaction. We take every effort required to provide you with the most effective and honest contextual link building services. You will be able to boost your website's ranking by making use of our contextual link building service. Contact us with all your contextual link building needs and take your website to the next level of competition.

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Package Name Duration (Days) Article
(In words)
No. of Backlinks Price Order
CLB-1 25
6000 66 $349  
CLB-2 40
12000 132 $649  
CLB-3 60
20500 228 $999  
*CLB : Contextual Link Building