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  • What Tips And Techniques Do The Successful Bloggers Follow To Build Links?



    Link building is the task that consumes most of the time and is the most result driving when you want to do SEO for your website or blog. If you want to keep your blog ahead of the million other blogs in the same industry, you have to continue building back links for your blog. This scope of this post here will remain confined in the tips for link building that many top bloggers use for their niches.

    In this article, I will talk about only those tips that work well with the latest changes in algorithms brought about by Google. These tips are expected to work just fine with any version of Google Penguin Update and Google or other search engines should not penalize you for any over optimization if you employ these techniques to build your links.

    Benefits Of Link Building

    There are many advantages of building back links for your website and blog. When you create back links for a completely new blog, it makes the job of the search engine crawlers easy to find your blog update their databases by indexing it. However, this indexing benefit is only meant for freshly created websites or blogs. When you perform link building activities for your blog, it turns your blog to be SEO friendly. As a result, you will rank in the top of the results for targeted search keywords in the popular search engines like Google and others. The end result will be that you will get a lot of targeted traffic through the search engines. When you can build targeted and valid back links for your website or blog content, your blog or website will get a high page rank from Google.

    Actually, the link building activities work like getting positive votes for the blog and this is how your blog is made popular. You can receive a lot of traffic referred through the links from many other blogs and websites by using a number of link building methods.

    Here is the top list containing the best techniques and tips to follow so that you can enlist yourself in the lineup of those bloggers that are the most successful ones in the niche of yours.

    Do Guest Blogging

    One of the most authentic and reliable link building method is guest blogging and getting targeted back links from other top blogs in the niche you are working at. You need to collect the top list of blogs in the niche and find out which ones allow guest posts, if you want to employ guest blogging. After you get the list, advance to them with well written post that matches their niche and on an average you can assume to get about 2 to 3 back links per guest post submitted in the niche. However, remember not to submit the same guest post in multiple blogs. Since you will be guest blogging on the best blogs in the niche, you can assume that there will be a number of targeted visitors through regular back links referring to your blog site pages.

    Comment On Blogs

    A recommended link building technique for blog readers is to comment on targeted blogs that are on the top list of your niche. This is one of the quickest tricks for link building; however, you need to submit only original comments that are related to the blog where you are submitting your comments. Spamming those blogs with unrelated comments is not recommended. If you comment on selected blogs in the niche, it would definitely help you get targeted visitors by using back links. The resultant effect will be that your blog will be ranked higher in the major search engines for the keywords that you are targeting. This way, your blog pages will get higher page ranks and there will be added brand value for your blogs among the readers that read the blogs that you choose to make comments at.

    Submit To Article Directories

    Another wonderful way to build a number of quality back links is through submitting articles for your blogs. The first thing you need to do is to create a list of the popular article submission sites with high PR and then you need to submit articles there. For each submitted articles, two to four back links can be expected. Publishing in an Ezine website might not generate enough traffic for you, but the number of back links you will get there will help you to enhance your search engine rankings and page ranks. Besides, your pages will be ranked better for targeted keywords in your niche if you do this. If you have not done this before, it’s about time that you start looking for reputable article directory sites to help with your link building strategies.

    Write Blog Posts That Have Good Quality

    The best link building tip is to write blog posts that have very good quality. Excellent posts are able to engage the readers so that these readers also share your blog with others. This will help you get many hundreds or thousands of naturally occurring back links for your blog pages. Many people have been seen to accomplish the desired success while they were making blog posts around some lists in their blogs.

    Submit For Social Bookmarking

    The next step is to share a number of interesting posts from your blog on the well known social bookmarking sites like Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit Humsurfer etc. Doing this could result in an increased number of targeted traffic to your blog page. In case that any of your blog posts get popular there, your blog page will be automatically back linked by many webmasters and bloggers in the niche.

    Activities On Social Media

    I would like to suggest you to create a strong presence on various social media sites that are popular such as Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus and most importantly on Facebook. When you have any interesting posts on your blog, you can go ahead and share it on your social media site so as to let your followers or friends know that you have updated your blog.

    Create A Link Exchange Relation With Other Bloggers

    Bulk link exchange might not work, but when done in a moderated way, it can be very effective. First, contact other bloggers in the niche and request to exchange a blog roll. When you approach bloggers that share the same interest and if your blog is at the same level with their blogs, you will find them willing to accept your request. However, it is better to limit the blog roll within 10 to 15 links so that the roll looks natural. You can also ask for link exchange in the posts of similar interests where it is relevant. This is a great way to get contextual and high quality back links and this in fact helps both the sides in this sharing.

    Topical Page Creation

    Creating topical pages ion Squidoo and Hubpages is a great way for back links, as Google considers the contents published in those places very seriously. By creating contents in those different portals, you can expect to get really high quality back links and traffic to your blog. Any page created on Squidoo is known as lens and pages on Hubpages are known as hubs. Many lens owners have even earned over a thousand dollars a month for a single lens. It is a very popular system with excellent monetization system. When you publish hubs, your hubs will get a hub score and if your hub has score over 75, any links that your hub contains will be treated as a dofollow one. Try to explore this opportunity as well in order to increase traffic to your site and to build links as well.

    Write Blogs On Free Blogging Platforms

    Next you could use free blogging platforms for blogging such as Blogger and WordPress. For a blog that targets keywords for a special demographic, it is a good idea to find platforms for blogs in that location. If you publish unique and targeted contents in those free web spaces and put some self promotional links in there, you will be amazed to see the huge traffic boost and search engine ranks that your blogs have achieved.

    Submission To Blog Directories

    The last thing that you cannot ignore and consider carefully is to submit the link of your blog links to blog directories with high PR ranks. You can also use the high PR general web directories and specific directories in your niche. For demographic targeting, you can try to find the directories that are specifically meant for that location. Although this may seem trivial, this can greatly help with your link building efforts as long as you choose only the most reputable blog directories possible. Make sure that you submit your blogs only to those quality directories; otherwise the effort might do more harm than good to your blog.

    I certainly hope that the tips for building links can help you to accomplish a good page rank and to help your blog rank in the top 10 for the keywords you are targeting. There might have been some tips that I have not mentioned here or some that I have yet to discover, therefore, it is always necessary that you also perform research and that you study the performance of your blog to find out which link building strategies generate the most traffic to your blog.

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