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  • What Makes Your Website Search Engine Friendly A 2013 Review

    As a webmaster one of the questions that you are required to constantly ask yourself is what makes your website search engine friendly. Finding the right answers is not going to be all that easy because the factors involved here keep changing. There are many search engines today and all of them have their own standards. Added to that each search engine keep changing their ranking parameters and their algorithms.
    Search Engine

    As most of the traffic comes to us through Google, most of the webmasters use Google as their standard. If you have been keeping track of Google and its algorithmic updates in the past year itself Google has rolled out number of algorithmic changes. Google has been trying to make the web a clean space that is free from spam. Everything that had to do with spam has been looked at with great contempt. In this context if you want to make your website engine friendly then you must make sure to keep your website clean and free from all kinds of deceptive practices.

    If you look at all the changes made by Google in the past there is one thing that has never changed and that is the importance given by Google to content. The first step therefore in making your website search engine friendly should be to ensure that you have good quality content in your website. The content has to be user friendly and it has to be resourceful for your users.

    At one time, Google has been placing tremendous importance to back links. However, things have changed. Back links are important still but what kind of back links make a difference for your website has changed dramatically. If you are engaging in any link building campaign make sure that all the links are from reputed sources.

    Another factor that has come to the forefront this year is the social media marketing. Ensure that you have good social media juice flowing to your website. Google is busy collecting social media signals about websites and brands. If you want to make your websites search engine friendly, it is not enough that you make on-page optimization but off-page optimization is also very crucial for your website.

    When you are trying to secrete your social media juice make sure that it is not just promotional. If you are going to go promotional in social media then you will be inviting the wrath of Google. Your social media efforts should be natural, spontaneous and neutral.

    Yet another important factor that has become a game changer recently is the invasion of the mobile devices, touch sensitive devices and the increasing percentage of internet users that are accessing the web using these devices. Google has encouraged webmasters to make their websites friendly to these gadgets and by making adequate efforts along these lines will certainly gain favours from Google.

    Making your websites search engine friendly is no more just about keywords and link building.

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