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  • What is so Good About Joomla?

              SEO professionals consider Joomla to be search engine friendly. There are a number of various sensible and fanciful reasons why SEO experts might prefer Joomla over other SEO platforms, but the main one is this:  Joomla comes with SEF as one of its add on components. SEF stands for Search Engine Friendly, and that is what can make optimizing your website a much easier job.

    Here’s the thing about SEF and Joomla though –  when you first install Joomla, this SEF feature is not enabled. If you fail to enable SEF in your Joomla admin, your website’s URLs will be unfriendly and search engine bots may find it difficult to crawl your pages – leading to poor indexing of your website and subsequently a poor ranking in the SERPs. This is how that one small hing makes everything fall apart.

    When you have an automatically generated URL that is not search engine friendly, your URLs will not be relevant to your page’s content or your meta tags data. This will work against your website in terms of online performance. When you enable the SEF feature you will be able to generate search engine friendly URLs – a crucial aspect of SEO. Basically, you just wasted all your time and money because the one thing that is really worth having you do not have.

    Before you enable the SEF feature in Joomla, make sure the required configuration is available from the hosting server. Go to the Joomla admin console to enable the SEF feature and obtain better control of the your site’s Joomla created URLs. After your SEF URL feature is enabled you can start to generate URLs that are  relevant to your site’s content. They main advantage is that you will be able to insert your main keywords into your URLs. That is what the biggest concern really is.

    The SEF Advance feature is not free. This can be considered a worthwhile investment, and should be budgeted as part of your websites SEO expenses if you really believe that Joomla is that good. Before you pay the fee for the SEF Advance feature, make sure that your hosting has the required configurations and that your hosting provider supports the feature. If not, you just got pwned.

    Your SEO service provider will be able to advise you on the SEF feature if you don’t quite understand its usefulness and importance. This is one reason you should hire an experienced team to handle your website’s SEO – in addition to their speed experience. Also consider using Joomla just to play around and see if you actually like it before making the commitment to pay for it. A lot of SEOs feel Joomla is so user unfriendly that no tool it offers makes it worth the headache., That is something you will have to decide for yourself.

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