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  • Top Ten Linking Tips to SEO Your Site

    Linking practices can make or break a site. In order to gain authority you must have authority sites linking to you, and in order to attract attention you must have lots of links. You also need your interlinking structure within your site set up in a logical fashion.


    1. Link from and to quality links over quantity. You want as many links as possible, but you can’t afford to be associated with spammy links or laces that don’t uphold your standards for your site.

    2. Check all of your links frequently to make sure they work, and install a 404 system that will allow your visitors to easily search your site or that will direct them to your home page in case of difficulty.

    3. Your links should be text rather than images. You can make a visual link, but be sure there is a textual link embedded as well.

    4. Use keywords in both navigational and anchor links (outbound and inbound) to lend them more power. Vary these by using a variety of keywords when linking.

    5. Don’t add huge numbers of links all at once – this is a flag to search engines that you have somehow gotten a lot of spammy, automated links. Add links on a slow but steady basis.

    6. Don’t be afraid to link from a low PageRank site if it is highly relevant.

    7. Don’t be afraid to link out to highly relevant sites. Just make sure the link opens in a new window!

    8. Link to .gov and .edu sites, and try to get links from these sites as well. They carry a lot of heft!

    9. Use a link in your signature with an appropriate keyword if possible, and comment on blogs, forums and answer sites – always do this with utmost discretion and don’t spam!

    10. Link wisely and well, and you will see your PageRank rise slowly but surely as your site gains authority; you will also see your deeper pages getting traffic as you target links from the outside down into your site.

    However you go about it, don’t forget to ask for links. The worst a webmaster can do is say no! Have an appropriate bit of code ready for them that will ensure your chosen keywords are used and that they link to the right page of your site. Don’t ignore the power linking has when it comes to ranking your site!

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