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  • Top SEO Mistakes According to Matt Cutts

    Thousands of businesses across the world do not have any website yet. If you are having a website then it is very important that you enjoy all possible benefits from your website. One of the best ways to go about driving good traffic to your website through organic means is to first find out what are the common SEO mistakes that people make and to avoid them yourself. If you want to know some of the top SEO mistakes that people make, then here are few such mistakes listed by Matt Cutts of Google.

    The first mistake is not to make your website easily crawlable – for both search engines and for the human visitors. Search engines should be able to crawl through the entire website without any problem. Do not hide your information too deep in your website. All the information should be easily accessible in few clicks. Matt Cutts suggests that you click around your own website to see how easy it is for the users to find the information. Not checking whether your content is easily accessible can prove to be one of the most important mistakes that you can possibly make. This will be equivalent to not having a website.

    The second mistake that people make is not including the right words on the page. Matt Cutts recommends that you should use words that people actually type to find information. Do not use just the keywords but use them in the way that people will actually type them while searching. Along these lines, not including enough information about your business and what exactly you do clearly can prove to be a mistake. Include as much related information as possible about your business. For example, if you are a restaurant then it will be apt to include the menu. When you do include such information, you need to ensure that you are including the information in plain text and not in PDF format. You can also include your business hours because these are the things that your customers will be searching for.

    Tunnel vision on links is another common mistake. Most webmasters are preoccupied with the thought of building links and they forget about everything else. Matt Cutts says that it is a mistake. You should rather be working on building compelling content. When you create compelling content, you will be able to attract links automatically.

    When you are too link-oriented, you will be unnecessarily cutting down the other avenues for example, talking to a newspaper reporter about your business, which can bring about a lot of visibility.

    Not having the best titles for your web pages and good descriptions about the pages can be a big mistake. Titles help people to find your website fast and even for the search engines, your title matters the most. When you add the right descriptions to your web pages, they will appear in the search results as snippets, which will entice the visitors to click on the results and thereby increasing your traffic.

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