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  • Top Search Engine Ranking But Poor Website Traffic?

    It is not uncommon to hear complaints from web masters that they have good search engine ranking but the website traffic is still not encouraging. This can raise doubts in many people. Can such a thing happen? Should you not get good traffic to your

    website once you have reached the top of the search results for the right keywords? Not necessarily and often such problems arise because webmasters fail to pay attention to certain finer details. Are you wondering what such finer details could be?

    There are number of factors that control your websites organic traffic levels. The first factor of course is your website’s online visibility. If your website is not visible enough, then you cannot possibly expect visitors. So you should first be seen easily.

    However, it is not enough just to be seen online or to have good visibility online which brings us to the second factor which is the choice of keywords. If your website is not optimized for the right choice of keywords, then the traffic that comes to your website will be poor quality traffic. So it is vital that you optimize your website for the right choice of keywords. Making mistakes with the choice of keywords will make your entire SEO efforts go in the wrong direction.

    If you have good search engine ranking for the right choice of keywords, but still the traffic level is not desirable enough then you should know that your website has very poor click through rate. Your websites will get visitors only when the internet users click on the search result. This is where most webmasters fail.
    You must come up with the right titles for your web pages and the meta description should be very carefully drafted. Internet users do not automatically click the first, second or the third links in the search results pages automatically. They first take a quick look on the search results and only when the search results displayed has some information close to their search, they click the links. Here, the title of the web page and the meta description play a great role in prompting the visitors to click on the links. If your page title is just a long string of keywords and if you meta description does not have relevant content, then you will not be able to enjoy the fullest benefits of getting top ranking for the right keywords. Many webmasters do not even consider this as an issue as they have very little exposure to internet user trends.

    It is high time you get your act together and get the right web page title and the right website meta descriptions ready for each page so that the hard work that you have put in to get to the top of the search results page will have the desired impact on the website’s visitor rate and conversion statistics. Though this is a simple tweak that you need to make to your website, it will have great impact on your websites’ online performance.

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