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  • The Mystery of PageRank

    Is there a secret to improving your site‘s PageRank? There is to a degree – Quality content!  There are other factors to be sure, but every campaign starts with a foundation, and the foundation is quality content. With that, you can build and do incredible things; like improve your PageRank.  As soon as Google’s Page Rank became popular, website owners have been trying to improve PageRank, or PR. as if it was the end all be all of being online Aside from quality content, what does it take to get good PR?

    PR is made up of around 200 different factors that all count to a different degree. We know some are more valuable than others, but not necessarily to what degree. The key to a good PR is that it has to be the product of an organic approach. One of the most important factors that will help you boost your website’s PageRank is link building. Google likes backlinks, and despite the rumors, they don’t penalize for a lot of them. What they want is for it to all appear organic. You can’t suddenly have 300 in one day – it takes time to build up.

    In the offline world, authors who want to establish their point by citing other writers or sources to build credibility. Thus the later importance of a writer’s work was assessed based on the extensiveness of its usage in the literary world by the other respected writers. Online is not that much different. Getting a backlink is like getting a thumbs up. Someone is citing you in some way and Google sees that as being valuable. The more you have, the better. The more credible the source is linking to you, the better.

    What has the age of the website to do with the PR? Age means you have been around the block. You are still around after years because you have something of value to offer. Longevity does matter. With age comes authority. With authority comes backlinks. It is a cycle that feeds and grows. It is just like a person. At a young age they know little of the world. As they grow, they learn more. Sites are viewed the same way – and yes, they can be devalued if they grow the wrong way and serve up the wrong things.

    Try to get links from websites that are relevant to your website. It makes more sense for a logo design company to get links from a web design company than from a car wash website. It does you less good to get a link from some random site than one that has a common ground with you. Very simple. Grow slow, but strong. Keep your backlinks relevant as much as possible and always use quality content. That is the key to a good PR.

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