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  • Ten Tips to Salvage your Online Reputation

    Reputation takes ages to build, but a single negative comment can cause a huge dent in the reputation that you have painstakingly built for your business. Maintaining a spotless image for your brand and business is a difficult task; and so if by any chance your reputation gets blemished, here are a few tips that could help you salvage your business’ online reputation:
    •    Trace the source of the negative comment. If possible remove it from your site or blog.
    •    If removing the negative point is not possible, then best is to address the issue that is the point of contention. That’s the best way of eliminating the negative comment.
    •    You could highlight the good comments given by others or encourage fresh positive comments from your customers and keep posting it such that the negative comment gets buried deep and can no longer be viewed.
    •    Keep posting good and high quality content pertaining to your business and product or service on your site, blog and wherever possible. That’s the best way to protect your brand name and save it from getting tarnished.
    •    It goes without saying that keep your products and services par excellence, so that the chances of any negative feedback coming up is minimal or nil. A happy customer will always have good things to say about your business; so your motive should be to do just that- keep all your customers happy and satisfied.
    •    Pay lot of attention to your social media. With smartphone users on the increase people are free to post when and whatever they like. But on the positive side, the same medium can prove beneficial for you as you can reach out to vaster audience now. So utilize it to your benefit and keep a clean and active social media image.
    •    Keep a check on what people see when they search for your business. This will help you to weed out what you don’t want them to see and retain what you want them to see.
    •    Do not ignore the comment made by a genuine, dissatisfied customer. Instead of taking the feedback negatively, use it to restore the lost image of your company. Any feedback, even if negative, is a scope for improvement; so threat it thus.
    •    Your responses to your customers should be prompt. Do not take ages to respond to any comment made by your customers. An immediate response will definitely help boost your reputation as the customer will be left with a feeling of being served. Even if you can’t address their query immediately, the least you can do is leave a message that you shall get back to them as soon as possible.
    •    Be confident and do not fumble in your response to any negative comment by an unsatisfied customer. The fact that you have noted their grouse and are willing to rectify the lapse that has occurred on your side will definitely win them over eventually.

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