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  • SEO TIPS: Traffic Generation – Organic or Paid?

    When you launch a new website for your business you need to take the necessary steps to drive traffic to your site. Without traffic, you cannot expect any conversions which makes the process moot. The more traffic you get, the better the conversion rate is in theory at least. Driving traffic to your site isn‘t easy and doesn‘t happen overnight. The competition for traffic is fierce. There is a lot of research and huge sums of money spent involved in driving traffic to websites to gain conversions.

    You can drive traffic in one of two ways – paid traffic and organic traffic. Both are  important for your website and you should know how to use of both. You have to make an intelligent comparison to make the right choice all around. Paid traffic generation like PPC will give you instant results. You will be able to drive traffic to your site within few hours. You need to start somewhere, and if you need to start fast and have a budget this works great. Just remember – it is going to cost you some serious money.

    PPC can turn out to be a very expensive way of driving traffic to your site over the long run. You will have no real guarantee that the traffic that comes to your website will even be targeted traffic. You will b

    e paying per visitor irrespective of the fact whether your visitors are targeted or not. PPC traffic does not mean that conversions are going to jump necessarily – just that you’ll be seen.

    Organic traffic through SEO is where you need to always be working toward. What frustrates many new webmasters is that SEO takes time. You will need to hire an experienced SEO company to get good results as quickly as possible or hope to get lucky. Outsourcing SEO is however a cost effective solution for online website promotion or anyone with a more limited budget. It takes time, but you will build a flow of steady targeted traffic that is more ready to convert.

    You don’t have to take a ‘one or the other’ approach. Combining the two methods can produce a stream of immediate results from PPC that slowly give way to organic results via SEO. It’s a common idea  that PPC will drive quality traffic just by signing up with a PPC service like Adwords. You need to optimize your content. With paid traffic generation, your monthly or yearly spending will continue to increase as more websites are launched in your niche. It is a never ending process to a degree and it can get extremely expensive.

    Your should always aim for organic seo services and you should use paid traffic generation strategies to support your organic traffic generation strategies – not the other way around. If you have a good SEO copywriter, you can even phase out PPC over time and save yourself a lot of money.


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