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  • SEO TIPS: Taking Full Advantage of Headlines

    You need to get their attention! Compel people to want to read what you have to say! Do you know how to do that? The answer is with engaging headlines. The start of any compelling piece of content has to be a strongly written attention getter.

    Writing good headlines isn't just for newspapers; in fact newspapers barely have writers anymore. You have to have a good headline for your online content as well. With the need for SEO content that engages and begs to be shared, you have to know your stuff. Your title may need to be keyword optimized, so you may not have the freedom to be too creative.

    People like to be shocked and stunned. They also like to read about things that are sexy, exciting or new. Good headline writers know these things. They also know that humor is appreciated, as are references to common culture:

    Let's see

    what subtitles could have been selected for this post:

    New Research Shows Why People Click (could use a scientific discovery showing percentages of people who click on headlines with different trigger words)

    Sexy Headlines Hint at Revealing Secrets (sex sells!)

    Exciting Ways to Spice up Your Headlines (oooh, excitement)

    Headlines – the Good, The Bad and the Ugly (everyone knows that movie)

    How Headlines Affect Your Bottom Line (haha!

    Make your Marquee Sparkle (headliner – get it?)

    News at Eleven Words (eleven is about all you can get away with)

    Do you see where this is going? You are probably writing about something more intriguing than how to write a headline, so put on your thinking cap and be creative. Get more people to choose to read your article that the next one, and see your links and conversions rise as well.

    It's all in how you present what you have. Just like dressing up for a night out or wrapping a gift, the more enticing you make your content the more desirable it will be. Make your content irresistible with engaging, well written headlines.


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