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  • SEO Report: Rocking the Google Algorithm


    Search engines are constantly working to improve their indexing and search result’s page algorithms. They have to frequently adjust to make sure they provide the best results to their users and make their results more relevant to the users’ search. Google in particular is known for constantly changing the algorithm and making it more difficult for webmasters to understand and be able to manipulate the search engine’s indexing and search listing patterns. Your SEO should have current optimization efforts that are based on the close observation of changes in the algorithm, and you should always be on the lookout for advice from experts and SEO professionals on various strategies that they used on websites and the resulting effects, as well as basic tips and tricks.

    Keeping up with the changes that have been noticed with Google’s algorithm on the search results pages allows you to make use of your new-found knowledge in your own SEO efforts. One of the changes that came up last year in the search results page was the expansion of snippets from two lines to four; previously when you put long tail keyword strings in the search query box, the results displayed a shorter snippet. Since it now runs up to four lines, it may be possible to display all the keywords in snippets for long tail keywords.

    When you are able to show that a particular website is relevant for the search query that has been passed, it is clear in the relevant snippets created from the meta description that you supply or from the website content directly.If you can make your websites more relevant to long tailed keyword phrases, you can increase your ranking. This means you should ensure that your content is providing the search engines with the relevant keyword density. When you start targeting on a particular keyword phrase that is long tailed, keep the words as close as possible to each other.

    Another change that is seen in the search results pages in Google results is that the number of suggestions on the related searches has been increased. Google tends to display a longer list of suggested searches at the bottom of the page. This is to help people find what they want quickly because not all of us will use the right set of keywords to look for the information we need.

    Optimize your website for a wide range of keywords that are related to your services. While it is important that your website has highly focused keywords, you also should not ignore keywords that are related to your services and products. This will increase the chances of getting listed in the related search pages which will increase your online visibility.

    Although not all changes in the Google ranking process are directly related to the indexing algorithm, you can and should take advantage of the minor changes that come to notice and strive constantly for better online visibility. Your SEO efforts should drill deep to get the desired traffic and not just scratch the surface. Every little change has to be noted and your optimization efforts should be accordingly modified for the best SEO results.

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