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  • SEO Report: Niche Specific SEO – Travel

    Everyone loves to travel! According to statistics, most Americans will travel at least once in their lives, even if it is just in the US, and people from other global countries are even more likely to travel.

    Of course, travel is one of the highly competitive niches online, requiring specialized, industry specific optimization strategies. If you are looking for a specialized niche industries the travel industry is it – but optimization of travel industry websites poses its own challenges to the SEO professional. Competition is one of the foremost challenging factors, the diversity of the visitors or audiences who look for travel services is customarily very high, and you have to properly SEO in norder to achieve the best rankings geographically.

    Let’s talk about geography for a minute. Location is highly important. If you have, for instance, a real estate website that concentrates on California, you can expect mainly people in and around California or possibly some people from other areas of the US to be looking for information on California real estate sites. The search patterns and the local influences on the search trends will be more or less predictable for such audience. Keyword selection will be easier in this case (assuming there is industry knowledge and a niche available for optimization) and hence the optimization efforts will be easier as well.

    However, travel websites attract global visitors and must needs cater to the needs of the global audience. This means they must be optimized in a highly focused manner in order to tap the potential of global traffic. The search patterns, keyword terms used etc., vary from place to place; sentence structure in other countries can affect keyword order, and you may need a highly skilled copywriter to create fluid reading copy while incorporating awkward keyword phrases. Even the keyword analysis and selection process itself becomes a highly complicated process. Many webmasters will be able to identify the right keywords only after a long process of trial and error.

    All of this means that travel websites pose a special challenge for SEO professionals.Using a blend of primary as well as secondary keywords is ideal, as the nature of this industry includes visitors who come to visit your website through both primary and secondary search with equal potential for conversion. For example, if you happen to have a travel website for South Padre Island, you can consider secondary keywords such as “best time to visit South Padre Island”, “South Padre Island places of interest”, etc. Here people who will be planning their trip to South Padre Island will be looking for the above information.

    It is very likely that people who are interested in the information on best time to visit South Padre Island is also interested in “low fares South Padre Island”. It may be difficult to get good search ranking for “cheap flights South Padre Island” or “low fares South Padre Island” but it will be relatively easier to get good ranking for “best time to visit South Padre Island” or “South Padre Island”. By providing the visitors with reliable information on your page on the best time to visit South Padre Island you can win their trust.

    From there, powerful leading links back to flight booking or hotel booking on that page will direct the visitors to the areas of your business interest. Such visitors may even make their bookings in your site since you provided them what they are looking for. With little extra inventiveness, you can come up with strategies to attract visitors to your website and drive the desired traffic through secondary search to your flight booking and travel planning website.

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