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  • Landing Page Tips

    The point of a landing page is to build lead lists or make sales.

    Anyone who clicks on your links on the Web should arrive at a landing page instead of your home page. A landing page lets sell a specific product and keeps your customer from being distracted. A good landing page will flow naturally and get to the point fast. You only have eight seconds to get the customers attention and convince them to read through to the end!

    A visitor wants the following information from a landing page:

    Can I find what I am looking for here?

    Will it do what I need done?

    How much does it cost?

    Why should I buy from you and not someone else?

    Your landing page can start with a question to which the answer should be ‘Yes. This gets your customer’s attention and makes then start agreeing with you right away, which is a psychological victiry for you. Ask “Do you need —-?” and then tell them they have come to the right place.

    Next you should run down the competition – but in a very balanced, ‘non-running down’ type of way. Tell why other places won’t be able to help as well as you. Don’t concentrate too much on the characteristics or benefits of your product – instead, concentrate on the gain to the customer if they choose your product.

    Use keywords to keep reminding consumers what the purpose of their visit is – to fix their problem – and that you are the answer. Finish with a clear call to action – not a button saying click here, but a short action dealing with their problem ‘stop your child from biting now!’ or ‘enter your email for free tips on how to write landing pages.’ if you are selling, make the checkout fast, secure and easy; if you are obtaining elads, provide the promised material quickly and make sure it is valuable.

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