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  • Is It Good To Use Free Websites To Take Your Business Online?

    As a start up business owner one of the temptations that you are likely to have is to keep your expenses under control. Given the difficult times, you cannot be blamed and you need to ensure that every penny that you spend is spent wisely, so that you get the best mileage out of every single dollar that you spend. As part of achieving this goal, many business owners toy with the idea of using free websites to take their businesses online. The question however is, is it really good to use free websites to take your business online with free websites?

    Let us take a quick look at the issues that will crop up in this regard. What is the actual benefit that you get when you use free websites? The only benefit that you can think of when it comes to getting free website is the savings that you will enjoy. Here again the question is how much possibly will you save in this process? When you look at today’s web hosting scenario with the existing competition in the industry, you do not save really much because you will be able to get reliable web hosting services at a very economical price today. Given this scenario, you should go for free websites only if there are no other disadvantages in doing so. The next step in our evaluation should therefore be to check out whether there are any other pulling factors.

    When you go for free websites, you sacrifice your professional face. You cannot look professional before your customers when you have some other company’s name after your domain name. Today customers are highly discerning and they do not want to go we service providers or brands that are not professional. You will therefore be putting yourself in a very disadvantageous position.

    Another great disadvantage is that your web pages will be serving ads of your free website hosting service provider and this can annoy your customers. In other words, when you create a free website, you are doing a favour for your free website service provider creating more space for them to serve their ads and you actually drive more traffic to their business. Sometimes the ads that are served can also be your competitors’ ads. You will certainly not want to risk your hard-earned customers just for the sake of saving few dollars.

    You will have limited customization options when you choose a free website. It is one of the greatest disadvantages because this strips you out of the advantage of being unique in your industry.

    If something should go wrong with your free website service provider’s business and if they should close their business, you will lose your website and of course the leads that you generate.

    These are just a few disadvantages that you are likely to have when you choose free websites. Most importantly, you will not have any control over your search engine ranking, as you get limited on page optimization options.

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