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  • Increasing Conversion Rates Using Google Website Optimizer

    The ultimate aim of all our SEO and SEM efforts is to increase the sales through our website and to thereby increase the revenue generated. Getting loads of visitors without any conversion is of no use. This can happen under two situations – firstly, you may get lot of visitors but may not get any decent conversion when the visitor traffic that you are getting is not targeted traffic. Secondly, this may happen when the visitors who visit your website do not find what they want or when the information is not presented in a way that will make it easy for them to get what they want. Sometimes, it can be the wrong page titles, sometimes it can be the wrong images or wrong set of help text and so on. There can be thousands of things that can go wrong. All these problems are basically due to the fact that we do not present what visitors want but what we thought would impress the visitors and we make all wrong choices.

    Every webmaster would have faced this problem, they would have faced dilemma and decided on choice A but their choice would have produced just exactly the opposite results that they want to achieve. If we are going to try all the options one after the other to see what will work and what will not, then it is going to take a lot of our online time and we cannot simply afford to lose time. If we lose one month in online time it will put us one year behind our competition.

    If this has been your problem then you have an effective tool that will allow you to test various options simultaneously with your website. Using  Google’s website optimizer tool you can show different versions of your website to different people and track the performance of each version and combination to see which version is having better performance. This is such a sophisticated tool that will help you in times of dilemma and also when you just want to assess your website’s users and their preferences on your website. This is a free tool that you can use to create various experiments. You can set more than one condition and test various aspects of your website. Google will show different versions to different visitors mixing and matching the combinations that you have supplied.

    Since all the experiments can be performed in the same time or simultaneously, you are going to save a lot of time. Once you make sure what works and what does not you can switch to create a strong interface that will get you the required conversion. Here there is no more guesswork, we can make our decisions based on statistics that we could rely on. Sometimes we may have to go against our own personal preferences to increase the conversion rates. When you want to use Google’s website optimizer you must set aside your personal preferences and you should be ready to implement the insights that you gain through the experiments. Only then your efforts will yield results.

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