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  • How To Get The Perfect Domain Name For Your Website


    While there is no denying the fact that search engines have gained a lot of importance in these times of internet marketing. Nobody wants to look bad in the eyes of search engines. And there is this rat race among all the companies to gain top positions in the search engine result pages. To approach a reputable search engine optimization agency is an obvious way to accomplish this task of getting a good rank in the SERPís. However there are many things which even these SEO companies cannot rectify once the site is functional. Apart from the design and developments mistakes, which can in fact be corrected by rebuilding the website from the SEO point of view, there is an even more crucial area to focus upon. If you are still wondering what I’m pointing at, then let me awaken you from your slumber. I am talking about the domain name. A domain name is very difficult to change, once you have built your business upon it. Because domain name is something that is very intrinsic to an organization it represents the image of the company; it represents the brand. Considering the importance of domain name it is better to take the help of a professional SEO agency for a domain name that would not only represents your brand but should also be search engine friendly. Let’s face it,  we cannot neglect the traffic from the search, which is so essential to take our business forwards. Let’s have a look at some of the strategies, we can use to find the best domain name for our company’s website and afterwards we will see what are the various things related to domains that matter in the ranking of your website.


    1. Include keywords

    From the search engine point of view, a domain name is the most important place, where search engines look at while ranking your website. That’s why it’s very important to have industry specific keywords in the domain name of your website. Generally, it’s a good strategy to indicate your business name in the domain name. However, before using this approach you have to make sure that it contains the keywords, specific to your industry. This approach is like a double edged sword. Firstly, the domain name can be potentially used for the promotion of your business and secondly, the industry specific keywords that it contains would prove to be helpful in bringing the much needed targeted traffic to your website. However; the real problem arises when your business name doesn’t contain your industry keywords. In that case,  we have to look at certain other parameters. One of the parameters is the popularity of your business. If your business is already popular then there is no need for the keywords in the domain name. On the other hand if you are a relatively new in the business then it’s must to have keywords in the domain name to target the traffic from the search engines. You can also use the name of your business and the keywords, in combination as long as the name makes sense.


    2. Make it easy to remember

    Sometime back, there had been this rage in search engine optimization industry to stuff the domain name with the keywords. Some of the agencies used the whole keywords phrases in the domain names of their client’s websites. While it may help your website to rank well in the search engines and user may also be able to find your website. However can you imagine how difficult it would be to the user to remember all these long and weird domain names? More than remembering, it would be a pain to type these domain names. That was precisely one of the reasons for almost zero returning visitors for these websites. What’s more,  search engines also don’t look favorably at these long domain names with lots of hyphens in them.


    3.  Be distinctive

    There are some of SEO agencies that buy the domain names similar to some famous website or web businesses. In most of the cases, there are only minor differences between the two names, such as a character may be missing or an additional character may be present. This domain is bound to get some traffic due to the typo mistakes committed by the users. These web agencies sell these domain names to the clients at exorbitant prices, by showing them the traffic that these websites are getting. However, they don’t show them the user behavior on these sites. Usually these sites are not well made; their only sources of traffic are the typo mistakes by the users. However, even if a client spends thousands of dollars to get it designed and developed from a professional web development company even then the users leave these sites in anger and frustration, never to return back. The primary reason was the sky high expectations from the original website, which have suddenly got crushed, when they accidently stumbled on this typo-mistake-website. That’s why it is a good idea to go for a distinctive and unique domain names with one or two high ROI keywords.


    4. Keep in mind the extensions

    There is still a debate over; whether the extension in a top level domain name plays any role in the search engine optimization of the website or not. Google has recently announced that it doesn’t take into account the extension of the domain name as the ranking factor. But let’s not forget that the search engine companies have never been clear about their strategies. Well, if we go by the announcement the role of extensions is still doubtful. However, country specific extensions still holds a place of much importance in the search engine optimization of the websites in local search results. It’s a proven fact that the search engines give preference to the websites that have the country specific extensions in their domain names. Therefore if you want to rank well in a local search engine results pages then you have of think of these extensions before deciding on the domain name. However, if you have a global business and you are after global customers then the extensions would not make much of a difference. For global businesses .com extension is still the most effective and search engine friendly solution.


    5. Domain Age

    You must have seen a lot of sites that are into selling used and old domain names at exorbitant prices. While it is still under debate but many believe that the age of the domain plays a crucial role in the ranking of a website. But itís safe to imagine that the search engines prefer the older domain names. However there are lots of factor that comes into play in the ranking of a website. It is very hard to determine that domain age really plays any role, at all. The main reasons that the older domain names are popular among the search engines, may be that they have spent considerable amount of efforts in their marketing campaigns and search engine optimization campaigns such as link building etc. It is still uncertain that the same can be said about the website that were unsuccessful.


    6. Can registering multiple domains really help in search engine optimization?

    Since domain names are so important from the SEO point of view, some of the big business houses prefer to register all the domain names containing all the keywords related to their industry. While some of the hardcore white hat SEO analysts looks at this with suspicion,  I think there is nothing bad in doing this. In fact this it can also prevent your rivals from taking up the domain name related to your website. Next question is, what you can do with all these domain names? Would it be a headache to manage all these domain names? If you are trying to figure out these questions then let me assure you that this strategy is perfectly harmless and perfectly white hat, so you need not worry about the search engine penalties. The best you can do with all these domain names is just keep them with you and donít do anything at all. They will just acts as a precautionary measure for your business. Even a better way is to make a page for all these web domains, the page should look similar to your main website and put 301 redirects on all of them that would point to your website.


    7. Registering domain for a long time can be beneficial in the SEO-A Myth.

    This is the most common misconception that is prevalent in the SEO industry. I don’t know from where this come from but many in the SEO field believe that if you register a domain for a very long period of time, say 10-20 years then the search engines would prefer your site over the sites that have registered their domain for only 2-3 years . May be some domain registration companies are behind this scam. But here is the truth for everybody who is listening; there is no such thing and it is completely crap. However, it is always recommended to register you domain for at least two or three years.

    Keep these things in mind while registering the domain name for your website and you will never fail in getting the perfect domain name.

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