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  • How Does Spelling And Grammar Affect Your Website’s Quality Score?

    images When you are building your website or launching a new website, you are likely to pay attention to the quality of the website in terms of its design and in terms of their search engine friendliness. When you are reviewing your website on its search engine friendliness, try to pay attention to the spelling and grammar of the content. You might wonder whether spelling and grammar really affect your website’s quality score and eventually its ranking. This question was posed to Matt Cutts some time ago and in the Google Webmaster Help Matt Cutts explains how this can affect your website’s evaluation.

    He explains that though spelling and grammar is not direct signal that controls the ranking but from observation, it is evident that pages that have Google pagerank seemingly have better ratings for their grammar and spelling. As per Matt Cutts, it is not one of the 200 signals that is used by Google to rank websites. However, he continues to explain the importance of having good spelling and grammar. From what he says, it is evident that there is at least some residual effects on the web pages based on the spelling and grammar. There is a positive correlation between good spelling and grammar and pagerank. Google uses pagerank as a score to identify reputable sites, in other words reputable sites or pages with good pagerank are sites that pay special attention to all aspects of the content posted including the spelling and the grammar.

    Besides Google ranking there are other factors that make spelling and grammar important for your website. If you want to impress your visitors, you need to have professional quality content. If the content is going read badly because it is not proof read or because it has not be edited properly then the chances of impressing your customers is lot less. Even if you manage to get top rankings in Google when visitors actually come to your website you want them to be impressed with the quality of your website’s content. This is where the spelling and grammar of your website is going to matter. Moreover, when your visitors find professional quality content, they are likely to spend more time in your website and remember Google is keeping track of the time people spend in your website.  If visitors are going to leave your website as soon as they land or very quickly, then it is going to send bad signals to Google. Spelling and grammar therefore has indirect effect on the quality score of your website.

    At all levels, it is therefore important to pay attention to the quality of your website in terms of the quality of the content that you post. If you want to stand out in your niche and if you want your website to project professional image online then do not ignore your spelling and grammar. If you ignore remember that you are doing it at your own risk.

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