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roi_WebLink_LocalGoogle on 23rd Jan announced its faster image search features. As per the latest enhancements of the image search, internet users that are in search of the images on Google will be able to get more information pertaining to the images right there in the search pages. Google in its official announcement has indicated that the company has restructured the Google Images section. Google promises that the enhanced image search feature will give the users better search experience. The enhancements will not only improve the user experience but the changes made will also improve the click through rates to the hosting website. As a webmaster, you should pay attention to such details and focus on how you can benefit from these changes made by Google.

When the announced changes are implemented you will be able easily go through the images using your keyboard. Users will be able to browse the other search results by scrolling up or down. Each image will include information such as the title of the page in which the image is actually featured, domain name and also the image size. Previously users had to click on the individual images to find the details and to browse the other images you had to come back to the search page again. Now the domain name is made clickable right in the image search results page. All the key images are featured next to each image. Google Image also has now added a new button to visit the page in which the image is hosted. As per Google’s observations, this increases the click through rate to the website in which the images are hosted. Here is your chance therefore to increase the traffic rate to your website through the use of images.

Add good quality images to your website wherever possible and most importantly name your images carefully so that they relate to the image searches easily. If you are worried about image load times, you need not have to worry because as per the latest updates and enhancements Google Images no longer use i frame, which normally slows down the image loading speeds. This enhancement also reduces the load on your servers in which the websites are featured.

Shrewd SEO or search engine marketing is all about taking advantage of the changes the search engines are making. If you think that you do not have the time to keep track of such changes to benefit them or if you think that you do not possess the adequate technical knowledge on how to benefit from these updates and changes, it is important that you work with an SEO company that can guide you. Establish long-term relationship with a reliable SEO service provider. Today to overcome the stifling competition you should take highly focused efforts. You should learn to take advantage of every change that takes place in the search engine industry. Start adding images to your website that will help your users and also help you.


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