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  • Google AdSense, AdWords, And SEO

    There are two different approaches to take when using Google’s advertising options to increase your revenue.

    The first is AdWords, where you write relevant ads to be displayed next to search results that match your keywords. This is a good way to get attention, whether you have managed to reach the top of the SERPs or not.

    Your ads will be shown next to search results, as well as on content networks which includes Gmail. The relevance is determined by Google, and you can also direct the placement of you ads a little more specifically if desired.

    If you apt for a targeted placement, your ads will only be shown on the content network, but you can specify geographical location and other ways of reaching customers beside keyword targeting.

    Basically, with Google AdWords, your SEO is in your placement and in the actual writing of the ads themselves, as well as research for the best keywords and a careful handling of budget so that your cost per click stays affordable and your ROI is high!

    The other option is Google AdSense, which is the flip side of the business. You basically make your site part of the content network, and ads are shown on your site. You receive a portion of the cost per click the advertiser is paying!

    For example, you run a website on acne – an acne medication system manufacturer advertises on your pages, and someone clicks on their ad. You can make some very good money if they have paid a high premium for clicks on their ad!

    The SEO involved here is an attempt to make your pages attractive and relevant to the ads showing that have these high values. If you can attract high quality advertisers, you will make more money.

    A second way to make money with AdSense is by becoming approved as an affiliate. The means that certain advertisers use your site heavily for ads, and you receive a commission every time they make a sale at your site. This can be quite lucrative if you do it correctly, and strong SEO to attract the consumers who will buy that product will be of utmost importance.

    Don’t expect to get rich in a hurry with Google AdWords or AdSense, but with dedication and a strong, healthy website you should see your earnings beginning to grow.

    Don’t forget, you can always use links to strengthen your site and make it more attractive to Google and advertisers alike. In the above example, acquiring links from other acne based websites or even sites with information on medications or herbal remedies and targeting queries into acne cures could be a good way to drive that customer traffic to the right place to shop: your site!

    Do plan on taking advantage of Google’s advertising programs to monetize your site – even if you only make enough to pay for your annual hosting you will at least be making your site pay for itself!


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