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  • SEO TIPS: Getting Paid and Organic Search to Work Together

    We all know the trick of SEO is in the keywords, right? Well, half of it anyway. The other half is in your content, your links, and a billion other things. If you do all these right, your organic search results will be near the top of page one.

    But what about paid search? You have to target in so many different directions – geographically, demographically, by age, gender and language. This only accounts for half of the important components – want to take a guess at what makes up the other half? Right. Keywords, again.

    Keywords is where your multi pronged approach to fight your way to the top meets. You know what your product is, you’ve figured out what your consumers want you decided how best to present your product to these consumers, and now you just have to sell it in such a way that they click on you rather than the other guy.

    Statistics show that people actually click more often on organic search results than paid listings – except when one of the top listings is also listed in the paid section. Then we get a sort of symbiotic play of each other — the listing suddenly is seen to have two very visible votes.

    In this case, you are looking at a much higher probability of a sale.

    This is especially helpful in niche marketing, where you can target relatively obscure keyword phrases in the hopes of snagging a highly specialized market. You can also combine your paid search advertising as well as you regular ads to help funnel a hefty percentage of niche traffic in your direction.

    This is where your pitch becomes important: you want your landing page to be keyword rich not just for the search engine, but to remind the consumer that you have what they want, they can get it from you, you have the best deals and they should go ahead and get it right now!

    If you spend the time tweaking your ad content, and working on your PPC campaign, you will eventually be able to track your ROI to the point that it will become obvious which keywords work best for you. At that juncture, you can go back through your SEO and see if you need to adjust a little. In all likelihood, if you optimize for the keywords that re bring you higher returns in paid search, you can increase your hits from the organic searches as well.

    Combining your organic and paid search keyword lists just makes sense. If you can double team the competition, you can ensure the highest ROI and make your niche a high producer. Once you have managed to corner a fair share of the market, you can expand in to cousin niches, and keep the ball bouncing around your sites.

    The nice thing about SEO is that once you figure it out, you can apply it in venue after venue; you won’t get instantaneous results every time, but you will become faster at getting up and running, and you climb to the top will be quicker.

    Good Luck!

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