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  • Basic SEO mistakes To Be Avoided

    There are some common SEO mistakes that can be seen in websites that are search engine optimized, little do we realize that these mistakes which we consider minor are costing us dearly. Here are some such mistakes which we need to avoid.

    Avoid using the same title tag for all the pages; page titles are highly important for search engines and by giving the same page title to all the pages you reduce the positive results that you can get. So make sure to come up with a unique title tag for each page.

    When you are using Meta tags use your discretion to remove unnecessary tags such as author, date etc. Search engines only look for keywords and descriptions part of the Meta tags.

    Avoid building websites completely using Flash because search engines will not be able to crawl and index your website. Also if you have frames in your websites you might be keeping some major search engines away from your website.

    While adding keywords make sure that you include only keywords that are relevant to your website. The keywords that you use in the head tags should be present in the web page as well only then the keywords you use will b effective. While adding keywords to the page text you must be careful not to over do it; your web page content should not be stuffed with keywords. If you overdo it you will attract the wrath of popular search engines. The more natural your web page content is the better. Nowadays search engines are becoming more and more intelligent they can assess a page and it will be able to determine whether the keyword density in a particular page is within normal limits or whether the page has been artificially loaded with keywords.

    If you have to link pages or other parts of your website do not use links in JavaScript. JavaScript links cannot be crawled by the search engines.

    Search engines never favor page redirects and there are number of websites that employ this for various reasons. Search engines consider it as a malpractice to take the visitor to another page from the one he or she intended to visit even in legitimate instances where the site has moved because the search engines will not be able to make out the difference. So page redirects should be avoided completely.

    We often see the keywords are repeated in the head tags more than once and this does not do any good. Just use the keywords once in you head tags and this is tell the search engines that you are a relevant website for a search that has been made.

    The site should not be duplicated in anyway; you will cause your website a great damage by using duplicate content. Make sure that the web page content is unique and not copied from other websites word for word. Also do not have the same content in all the pages of your website like most eCommerce sites have. The intro text in all the products page will be the same. Avoid this mistake and come up with unique text for each page.

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