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Link building is becoming increasingly complex by the day, because leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing are frequently refining their ranking algorithms and shifting their goal posts. If you want to be successful online, you will need to match the latest link building requirements of top Search Engines. Many new link building strategies have emerged as a response to the changing search engine demands. Our Authority Link Building in particular is one such response to the latest search engine demands.

The Toughest Challenge Faced By Your Business

One of the toughest challenges faced by every business today, whether it is an online business, offline business or a mixed operation that entails online as well as offline modalities, is the increasing online competition. As a business owner, you are likely to be flabbergasted at this increasing competition and the pressure that it puts upon you and your business financials. We help webmasters to fight the online competition effectively through our advanced link building strategies. As one of the top link building company on the web, SubmitEdgeseo has been helping businesses face this toughest challenge. Our Natural Link Building will help you gain control over your online competition in a very decisive way. You will be able to propel your brand forward to lead the online competition.

Authority Link Building Packages


20 days


  • Article Sites Listing- 3
  • Social Bookmarking Listing - 20
  • Social Networking Profile Creation with Website Link -5
  • Web 2.0 Properties- 5
  • Classified Listing - 3
  • No. Of Keywords - 5
  • Link per Article - 1-2
  • Total No. of Article Writing - 8
  • Total No. of Title and Description Writing - 9
  • Total No. of Quality Backlinks-44
  • Total No. of Content in words-5100 Words


30 Days


  • Article Sites Listing- 5
  • Social Bookmarking Listing - 40
  • Social Networking Profile Creation with Website Link -8
  • Web 2.0 Properties- 10
  • Classified Listing - 5
  • No. Of Keywords - 10
  • Link per Article - 1-2
  • Total No. of Article Writing - 19
  • Total No. of Title and Description Writing - 11
  • Total No. of Quality Backlinks-109
  • Total No. of Content in words-10650 Words


40 Days


  • Article Sites Listing- 8
  • Social Bookmarking Listing - 60
  • Social Networking Profile Creation with Website Link -10
  • Web 2.0 Properties- 15
  • Classified Listing - 7
  • No. Of Keywords - 15
  • Link per Article - 1-2
  • Total No. of Article Writing - 31
  • Total No. of Title and Description Writing -15
  • Total No. of Quality Backlinks - 166
  • Total No. of Content in words - 17030 Words
Service Name ALBS-1 ALBS-2 ALBS-3
Article Sites Listing 3 5 8
Social Bookmarking Listing 20 40 60
Social Networking Profile Creation with Website Link 5 8 10
Web 2.0 Properties 5 10 15
Classified Listing 3 5 7
Approved Press Release Listing + Writing 1 2
Quality Link Building Properties
Ezine Article Writing + Listing 1 1
Slideshare Writing + Listing 1 1
Tumblr Listing + Content Writing 1 2
Blogspot Writing + Listing 2
Other Information
No. Of Keywords 5 10 15
Link per Article 1-2 1-2 1-2
Total No. of Article Writing 8 19 31
Total No. of Title and Description Writing 9 11 15
Total No. of Quality Backlinks 44 109 166
Content Writing
SEO friendly Link Building
Inner Pages Allowed
100% Organic Method
Unique C Class IP's
Total No. of Content in words 4850 Words 10650 Words 17030 Words
Free Detail Report
Duration 20 Days 30 Days 40 Days
Price $349 $499 $849

Authority Link Building Meets The Latest Search Engine Demands

On the one hand, the increasing competition levels pressurize every business, regardless of the niche to which they belong. On the other hand, Google's tightening claws on its ranking algorithm thwarts every business. It is not enough to build links for websites to boost the online visibility today. If you are building links for your website you had better do it correctly, otherwise you will be inviting trouble and it will certainly not be easy to face Google’s wrath. All these need not terrify you because SubmitEdgeseo will walk with you every step of the way and help you to build an online empire one stone at a time. Authority Link Building designed by SubmitEdgeseo meets the latest search engine demands in an effective manner.

Authority Link Building, A Authority Link Building With Proven Rate Of Success

There are already numerous link building strategies on the internet and many new strategies are evolving continually. Our Authority Link Building, like all our other link building, have been designed to provide you with notable results. At SubmitEdgeseo, we are committed to ranking our customers' websites in the most search engine friendly way. Meeting the latest Search engines demands have always been our specialty and our Authority Link Building also does well in terms of dealing with the Search engines link building demands in the best way possible.

Our Authority Link Building has been created, keeping in mind the increasing online competition as well as the changing search engine link building requirements. We have tested this strategy on a number of websites for their safety, as well as for their effectiveness. When you choose our authority link building, you can be rest assured that you are hiring the most effective link building available today in the link building industry to rank your website.

What Exactly Is Authority Link Building?

If you have been wondering what exactly Authority Link Building is, and why it is important for your website, then simply read on. Authority Link Building is a content based link building strategy and, by this very fact, it is a SEO friendly approach. Google is a content-oriented search engine, which you might already know. Taking into account the latest search engine algorithmic updates, we have created this Authority Link Building to help your website rank well by acquiring links from authority websites.

Authority websites are nothing, but websites that are highly reputed on the internet, and whose importance is determined by the number of people that use the website, the traffic rate, their contribution to the internet community and several such factors. Getting backlinks from authority sites is considered highly beneficial for any website. When authority sites link to your website, search engines consider your website to be an important website and judge it accordingly.

In our Authority Link Building, we make use of all the top web properties including, but not limited to, article submission sites, press release distribution sites, content sharing sites, social networking sites, web directories and more. We will submit user friendly content to these authority sites, in the form that they accept and get back links for your website. You can make use of this ALB confidently, because this is a 100% search engine friendly strategy. All the links obtained from the authority sites are natural links. Here is a complete list of Web properties that we will be using in our Authority Link Building:

  1. Article sites listing
  2. Social bookmarking sites listing
  3. Social networking profile creation with website link
  4. Web 2.0 properties
  5. Classifieds listing
  6. Approved press release listing + Writing
  7. Ezine article writing + Listing
  8. Tumblr listing + Content writing
  9. Slideshare writing + Listing
  10. Blogspot writing + Listing

Cost Effective Link Building Package

Our Authority Link Building is, in fact, one of the most cost effective link building solutions that you will find in the industry. You will get the best value for your money by hiring our authority link building packages. We bring you three exclusive packages and all the packages are very competitively priced. Choose a package that works for your specific link building requirements and your budget:

» Authority Link Building Plan - 1 [ALBS-1]
» Authority Link Building Plan - 2 [ALBS-2]
» Authority Link Building Plan - 3 [ALBS-3]

Please find below detailed information on each package and what you will get for each package. Here is your chance to boost your website's search engine ranking in the most search engine friendly way. Your website deserves better online visibility and choose our Authority Link Building to achieve your ranking goals.

Top Features Of Authority Link Building

  • Content based link building, which makes the strategy a very search engine friendly approach.
  • Authority Link Building designed to meet the latest webmasters guidelines. The links obtained are not only one way links, but also search engine friendly links.
  • Top quality one way links from authority websites to enhance the overall effectiveness of the link building efforts taken.
  • Only the most trusted and the most popular web properties used in the link building process.
  • Each article written will include a maximum of only two links, to make the linking process effective.
  • Very flexible and cost effective link building packages to help websites of all sizes to opt for the ALB easily and without any problems.
  • Our authority link building can be used for promoting the inner pages of your websites too.
  • Customers are allowed to choose up to five targeted keywords per package and all the keywords will be seamlessly integrated into the content.
  • The most comprehensive link building, we will take care of the content requirements too. You don't have to provide the content for promotion. We have a professional content writing team to take care of the article writing needs required for your package.
  • What is authority link building?

    Authority Link Building is the process of acquiring back links from authority sites on the web. This is a content based link building strategy. Our authority link building makes use of top Web properties.

  • How will authority link building help my website?

    Authority Link Building will help your website in three important ways - You will get good quality one way links from authority websites - Your website's online visibility and popularity will be boosted - Your website's traffic rate will improve greatly

  • Is this a search engine friendly link building strategy?

    Yes, of course. This is a very search engine friendly link building strategy and all the links obtained through this strategy are natural backlinks.

  • Do I need to provide you with the content for the promotion?

    No, you are not required to provide us with the content for the promotion. We have a highly experienced team of writers that will take care of the content writing requirements.

  • Is your authority link building a Search Engine friendly approach?

    Yes, very much so. Our authority link building has been created based on the latest search engine guidelines on link building.

  • Can I use the authority link building for my deep linking needs?

    Yes, it is very much possible. You can make use of our authority link building to meet your deep linking requirements as well.

  • How many links per article will be targeted?

    We will target two keywords per article.

  • Can I suggest the keywords for the authority link building?

    Yes, you can suggest up to 5 keywords per package.

  • Will I get any report at the end of the authority link building?

    Yes, we will send you a detailed report at the completion of the authority link building, which will include the landing pages of the links.